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The Real Story - OAN Jan 6th Committee with Corey Lewandowski

The Real Story - OAN with Texas Election Audit State Rep. Steve Toth

Pa. Senate fights for election integrity

Ten Patriot AMERICA FIRST fights against:
1. The Stolen Election(s) 2020, Legalization of permanent steal elections
2. Leftist politicization COVID by lockdown economy, door-to-door vaccinations
3. China Covid WWIII bioweapon
4. Border Wall mass illegal paupers, criminals immigration
5. Marxist neo-Black Panter supremacist, Antifa anarchists & BLM destruction of US cities and defunding Police with Instaganda
6. Leftist politicians and Big Tech social networks fact-checking, account suspending war against conservatives
7. Conspiring Republicans In Name Only for a China lead World Globalist economy
8. Marxist psycho sex identity LBTQ PEDO TRANSGENDER war against Christianity and nucleus family
9. Democrat Opioid and narcotics war against the American population
10. The biggest genocide in man's history: ABORTION OF YOUNG DEFENSELESS LIFE

The discussion on slavery (forced labor until the late 19th century) is totally separate from the discussion on today's racism.
Black Africans were hunted and traded for thousands of years exclusively by Black Africans.
The Black & White plantation owners needed black Africans purely for their purchase price paid to the Black hunters in Africa, their physical strength & knowledge of farming.
Racism today is entirely Marxist from its inventor Leon Trotsky from the 1920s until Black Lives Matter.
The abolitionists of the late 18th century did not have the ideology of BLM in mind.
The American society has to reject any relation between the abolished slavery system and the Marxist construct of racism today.
Tipping Point - Chris Flannery on the Founding Fathers; Debate Over Slavery

Tipping Point - Mathew Brodsky on Eric Swalwell and the Qatari Terror-Connected Charity

Critics Decry ‘Big Brother’ as Facebook Admits 185M Cases of Censorship and “Biden” Admin Wants More via@pamelageller

Biden Getting Softer On Moscow

President Donald J. Trump Speaks at Rally to Protect Our Elections in Phoenix, AZ 7/24/21

RSBN LIVE: President Trump Speaks at Phoenix Rally Coverage Begins 2:30PM ET

All 211 republican congress members minus 14 voted against BRAVE HERO POLICE OFFICER DERRICK CHAUVIN who arrested the filthy scumbag George Floyd in voting PRO BLACK LIVES MARXIST JUNETEENTH

The Voice of the January 6th Political Prisoners via@YouTube

The Voice of the January 6th Political Prisoners - YouTube

Jarome Bell@JaromeBellVA·18m
US Navy RET. Conservative. Republican. Virginia Beach. Candidate for VA-02 Congressional District #
Serious question.
Is a person that dresses up like a woman, pretends to be a woman, but has a penis, a man or a woman?
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse ·7m
Replying to@JaromeBellVA
Transgenders like homosexuals are psychologically confused.
Transgenders don't feel psychologically better after the surgical transformation and often afterward want to reverse the operation.
Transgenders can become pregnant but how will it affect the psychology of the born child having a former man as mother ?
The difference between Brandi Love & prostitutes is that Brandi is not prostituted but a porn star.
Porn however is contradictory to non-Marxist Christianity.
The difference between Scott Presler, Bruce Jenner & Rick Grenell & Brandi Love is that Brandi is heterosexual and can procreate in the traditional and Christian perception conform to the wish of the child.

The Hill Loves Fauci And He Loves Lobbying Them

November 17, 2020
Biden Transition Leader Advocated For US & Chinese Communist Party to 'Work Together On Gene Editing'

Trump/patriot-friendly social media & video sites list (7/23/2021) -

Watch: Joe Bidens CNN Town Hall Was A DISASTER

Pelosi Is Running A Clown Show - And Republicans Are Fighting Back

Mitch McConnell threatens more lockdowns if people don’t get vaccinated | News | LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.c...

Can conservatives do culture? Kurt Schlichter with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Nancy;s crucifixion commission. Matt Boyle with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Im an L.A. cop: Bidens lying. Caller with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Levin: We Are Peaceful But We Are PISSED Off!

Levin: CRT Is Farrakhan Dressed Up As Scholarship

The Crisis in Cuba, This Sunday on Life, Liberty and Levin

America in the Rearview Mirror

Attorney: DOJ Abusing Jan. 6 Defendants; Prisoners Beaten, Stripped, Tortured By Guards (Video)

Jim Jordan Slams Pelosi Over Rejecting Him For J6 Commission

This Hateful, Divisive Material Teaches Teachers To Hate America;

Trump: If You Want More Cops Vote For MAGA Republicans

In One Generation You Can Lose Everything

Subpoenas Are Coming From PA Senate
Over 10k ‘Ghost Voters’ Expected In AZ That the Canvas Will Uncover

Jason Miller, CEO of Gettr (retooled version of Guo Wengui Chinese internet app, Getome), With Major Platform Announcement

Poll: Larry Elder Leads Newsom Recall Challengers with 16%! Only Candidate in Double Digits via@pamelageller

Florida Governor: Place Ben & Jerry’s On List of Companies That Boycott Jewish State And Divest of These Companies via@pamelageller

Democratic Mayors Who Called To Defund The Police Spent MILLIONS On Own Security Details via@pamelageller