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If true, the cops and the feds are on a wild goose chase in the Everglades.
#GABBYPETITO #BrianLaundrie #HuntForBrian

WTF was the #Jackass doing with a real knife anyway?

Another girl missing in the desert. This time in the #California #YuccaValley . Like #GABBYPETITO #LaurenCho went missing with her ex #CodyOrell Only a little older than Gabby at 30-years-old. No known enemies, she didn't have a high-risk lifestyle. The last person to see her alive is Cody.

Anyone with information regarding the search for #Lauren is urged to contact Detective Edward Hernandez or Sergeant Justin Giles, Specialized Investigations Division, at (909) 387-3589. You may remain anonymous by contacting the We-Tip hotline at 800-78-CRIME (27463) or wetip dot com.

"You're always haunted by worries that you're wasting your life away"
- Elissa Lam
Honor Elisa's memory by recognizing the warning signs of mental illness and helping those that need help find it.‎

Logan, the Cyber Ninjas CEO, delivered a PowerPoint presentation that said the audit found:

As many as 5,047 individuals voted in more than one county, for up to 5,295 additional votes.
393 voters cast ballots using incomplete names.
198 individuals who registered after the Oct. 15 deadline voted anyway.
2,861 voters shared a registration number with another voter.
282 votes appeared to be cast in the names of dead voters.
186 voters appeared to have duplicate voter IDs, both of which were presented at separate times.

There was fraud, not as huge as some wanted. The fraud was bigger in the larger states like California. Where it could be hidden, and they could win the state.

One of the takeaways from the #MaricopaCounty Audit:
In his remarks, Ayyadurai — who was referred to as “Dr. Shiva” throughout the hearing — charged that he had found thousands of mail-in ballot envelopes that were missing voter signatures or bore an illegible scribble.

Ayyadurai also alleged that thousands of duplicate ballots were received and may have been counted by the county, as well as that ballot envelopes with blank signature lines were marked as verified and approved by officials — and that the number of unsigned ballot envelopes submitted to officials increased in the days after Election Day.

Even then, Ayyadurai stopped short of accusing election officials outright fraud, saying at one point that “I don’t want to accuse that,” but called for a “full signature verification audit.”

Hate to break it to you, but Shaq is an asshole too. I know someone who met him. He's a dick. Wouldn't even shake a fan's hand. But I will give him credit for denouncing his celebrity status.

#Hillary got booed at a Queens college 😂🤣 I feel sorry for the poor kid with her. 😂

LMAO, stupid armchair detectives. What happened out in WY between #GABBYPETITO and #BrianLaundrie ? We may never know. They thought they may have found something, but I don't think that it's anything. Those items could belong to anyone because the place it was in was a public area, and the LEOs would've canvassed the area when they found the body that was near the vehicle and the body. So they already know about the items.

If it was something, they're keeping it close to the chest, if it wasn't anything, it belonged to someone else like I suspect.

WTF, over? People getting impatient waiting for their food? C'mon now. "Gimmie my food!" 🤦‍♂️😂 Had to be in a liberal state. 😂😂

Well, this is sus. I think that they know more than they're letting on. If they are covering up for their son, they're breaking the law, and face jail time. I wonder if they know that?
#BrianLaundrie #Laundries #GABBYPETITO #HuntForBrian

This here gal suspected of homicide, in a vehicle that fails to stop for police, had her bond revoked earlier this month after failing to comply with court orders. When they fled, she bailed out of a moving car (stupid), she landed on her face (ouch), at the hospital she gave a fake name to police (even more stupid). Gotta be a #liberal 🤦‍♂️ I agree with the headline. It didn't end well for her face. 🤣

They should've kept the liberal in jail if they wanted to charge her with something. She missed her "virtual" court hearing. Lol, I thought she was still in jail. Well, I don't think the airport allowed her off the island.

LMAO, OMG, they already have enough to take him into custody for questioning… just now they can arrest Brian Laundrie and keep him there. Jeez.

#BrianLaundrie #GABBYPETITO

This is just the FBI trying to make themselves look good. 😂🤣

So these to blokes in Zealand got busted for smuggling some KFC across the border breaking quarantine. This is the most stupid thing ever! 🤣 😂 🤣

It looks like the Cops have called in reinforcements in the search for Brian Laundrie at the #florida nature preserves, AKA: the Everglades. More manpower, more agencies.

They should've never let him go to begin with.
#GABBYPETITO #BrianLaundrie H/T: Fox News

This is why I don't trust #Wikipedia .

What a #pussy . Running away with his balls between his legs. 😂🤣 #MaricopaCounty you suck. 😂

Is is just me or did the FBI get more stupid and corrupt under #biden ? They are royally fucking up the Gabby Petito investigation. To make matters worse, Gabby's parents don't seem to see it.

I only have once thing to say about this: #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Kansas mom says teacher forced son to tape mask to face

Um... Now be them liberals acquitting a liberal. I think she was guilty as sin, but that's just me.

I gotta make a call. I need to call #BullShit . There was more than enough circumstantial evidence to convict for murder 1. That asswipe Steve #Alm let him get away with murder, literally.

Kutsy said his wife, who is vaccinated, did not experience side effects. After he got the shot last week, he had a fever of 103.8, sweats and chills for two days.

“On the second night it just went away,” he said. “I used to get like that in the military whenever I got the flu shot. My wife, she was fine.”

So... Is it another flu vaccination in that shot? I'm still against the mandate for vaccination, It's unconstitutional.


I was on Twitter, I saw a comment this liberal made... he said to, "Put it back into the Air Force and stop all this waste of money".

That dumbass, the Space Force, is in the Air Force. It says on their website, an Air Force Website, also their official logo says, Department of the Air Force. I wonder, does it hurt to be THAT stupid? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

#fakenews . There's already laws on the federal laws on the books for hate crimes. They don't have the man power to enforce the laws. The localities aren't enforcing the law because it's not their jurisdiction.

Furthermore, those hate crime laws are...racist, and have an unconstitutional tone to them. While crimes happen every day, and ones that are racially motivated are most heinous, they are rare. #Asswipes . I am not your pawn, Crazy Mazie.

No, this wasn't justice, but the exact opposite. This was a #MickeyMouse trial, as my father would call it. This very same thing is happening in America where #democrats are in power or there are #ActivistJudges . Remember, the absence of justice, is a lawless society.

One weird law.
In to #Idaho 's statutes and still current as of the 21st Century:
"18-6605. Crime against nature — Punishment. Every person who is guilty of the infamous crime against nature, committed with mankind or with any animal, is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not less than five years."

No, don't settle, ask for $1B. Bankrupt Twitter. lol

It's not SARS-COVID-19 that we should be fearing, it's each other, seriously. 🤦‍‍♂️🤦‍‍♂️