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Looks like #google and #twitter both got fifty fines from #Russia for having illegal content up on their platforms

Can't take credit for this one. LibsOfTikTok Compiled this, I... Borrowed this. Kudos to them! Just sharing the fun. 😂😂

I sure as hell hope those triggered libs don't come here...If they do, they gotta know that they have another thing coming if they thing they're gonna disturb the peace here.

I, for one, am already on Twitter, I just don't post. I go there to see what the stupids are up to. Either way, they're in for a shock of their lives. For 6 years+ they had a bubble protecting them? lmao, that's about to go bye-bye I think.

Did we see any new users here? Or did all the lamers go to Mastodon?

I told you not to get banned from #twitter , didn't I? Elon #Musk now owns Twitter.

None of the #European countries or #america should be buying oil from Russia because #RussianManBad . Let people go without, and let 'em freeze their asses. I have zero fucks to give.

Why is the #MSM pushing weed like they did #tobacco during the #WWI and #WWII eras? Think about it. Tobacco was found to be hazardous to your health. Weed is no different, you're inhaling carbon unfiltered into your lungs. This time with hallucinogens into your lungs. #Ignorance and #stupid knows no bounds.

Yeah, it's scary for him because he and the rest of his cronies won't be able to control people like me from calling him out on his stupid and lies. Also, doesn't he have an appointment with jail? Oh, is it too soon for that? lol

On the Kremlin's website, Putin guarantees that anyone who surrenders peacefully will be allowed to live.

BREAKING: The #florida House of Representatives just passed a bill removing Disney's ability to self-govern, while the #democrats threw a literal temper tantrum. 😂🤣 The bill now goes to #Governor #Desantis ' desk where he's almost guaranteed to sign it into law.

I have only one thing to say to the #LeftWing :
When the #Government / #censorship comes for you (and they will sooner or later), there will be no one to stick up for you.

From Glenn #Greenwald :
"A group of former intelligence and national security officials on Monday issued a jointly signed letter warning that pending legislative attempts to restrict or break up the power of Big Tech monopolies — #facebook , #google , and #Amazon — would jeopardize national security because, they argue, their centralized #censorship power is crucial to advancing U.S. foreign policy,"

LMAO, #WTF ? Sounds like the #DeepState , the #democrats , and the rest of the #LeftWing are getting desperate. #america needs to break up the #BigTech #Monopolies .

Newsom said that he created a forestry recovery plan after the forest fires. He devoted a whole shitload of money to the plan. Yet 2 years later, nothing was done. Where'd all that money go? I think that the #California Taxpayer needs to get that money back, don't you?

Looks like Elon #Musk is hitting too close to home for the #liberal #Left and the #democrats . #NewYork is pressing charges against Elon. Bullshit charges if you ask me. It won't go anywhere, he'll just hire high price attorneys, and he'll be off the hook.

At one time, I was going to put ads on my site, but changed my mind. Anyhow... It looks like #google is going to demonetize all sites that exploit, dismisses, or condones the "war" in #ukraine . It is NOT a war, it is a conflict. This is just another way that Google is using censorship to oppress the minority.

They're really only going to demonetize those that're against #biden and what he's doing. Gotta learn to read between the lines, folks.

BP should be arresting and charging the teens with Treason crimes. Lock them up with the adults, or let them face the death penalty. Fuck them. IDGAF. If you don't want to go to jail or face the death penalty, don't do the crime.

As I've said before, there should be no reason whatsoever that anyone should need an #ABORTION in today's world with today's medical technology. For rape and incest, there's always adoption. If a NEEDS to be aborted, it's in the .00000001% percentile region. It's EXTREMELY RARE.

I not only predict a Red Tsunami, but I also predict that the right will be swamped with a shit-load of RINO voters.


Hypocrisy by the ruling elite #democrats in #Hawaii . Of course, the courts, #liberal or not would rule in the plaintiff's favor, it's a slam-dunk case. The lower courts had denied the plaintiffs class-action status.

What did I say about the Democrats not being able to get along with anyone else? Case in point. These are kids, for crying out loud. The DOE has a budget of MILLIONS, but this school has no locker room for girls? This is one of our older schools too. It was founded in 1963. My Alma Mater was founded just a little before.


#racism and #Violence are built into the #democrat 's ideological values. That's why they're always talking about race, skin color, inclusivity, and diversity. Anyone who uses those words are automatically ethnicists.

"Teddy bear like character"
That looks nothing like a teddy bear. Even without the teeth. lol, it's a horror game, it's probably some creepy pasta that someone wrote that the parents in the UK had a cow about that the MSM picked up on, and now it's become a red flag event out there. LMAO, don't fall for it.