So I was able to crawl my way out of the snowdrifts and get to the music store in Glendive to acquire an electronic drumset. This is day 5. How am I doing?Have you heard this yet? "This Tequila Waltz" by yours truly 🙌 -

They act like these were two rival gangs that came the banditos and the crypts made a pact.

FDA Exec on Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy "Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible" - YouTube

- FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole: “You’ll have to get an annual shot [COVID vaccine].  I mean, it hasn’t been formally announced yet ‘cause they don...

So, today, is another day where:
Austria is forcing people into "camps"... The irony is too much.

And just like that, Carharrt went bankrupt

Chemtrails are not the same as contrails. For more information, go outside and look up.

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Demand SDS with long term effects for any and all EUA. If you decide to be coerced and get jab, sign any document "done under duress and coercion". Also, demand the approved jab, Comirnaty.

"Had such power over Congress...and rightfully".... Praytell, why would he say that? Follow the money..

Does anyone else see the problem with political,polls? Take polls. Opponents see how much they need to make up the difference so they can "cheat" to win. Polls also influence people that really have no common snense and ability to use logic. All political polling should stop immediately.

Wonder what other states stats are???

Whoever signed this contract, should be hung for treason

Gravitas: Revealed: How Pfizer blackmails countries for shots - YouTube

Is Pfizer putting profits above lives? Public Citizen, a non-profit organization says that Pfizer can stop countries from speaking about contracts, block va...

This company is awesome. I got the best email ever from them this morning that I have ever gotten for a company....Been cancelled many times by big tech....Jsomething about Joe Biden fumbling f***kin with his dentures reading teleprompter... I almost pissed my pants laughing, but...
For those people that have to wear a face covering...send them my link

@Freedom :d/Aluminium-Based-Llifeforms-Found-in-Vaccines-Under-Microscope-Dr-Franc-Zalewski-English:3" target="_blank" class="inline-link">

You can't make this up...

When the People fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the People, there is liberty...Thomas Jefferson

Do not listen the Rand Paul and fear the government.

117th Congress HR 4980...look it, call write your Representatives