Detach religion from the society, make the society dependent on government, destroy and control the societies independent thoughts. Corruption and control at the highest level. Don't forget all conservative and moral values must be destroyed; especially the nuclear family between a man and a woman. Confuse genders, let adult males in women's bathrooms. Push the lgbtqia, communist, fascist agendas in the schools to our youth, and continue the indoctrination through post high school studies in colleges, trade schools, universities. Open the borders so anyone can enter, and turn patriots into domestic enemies, terrorists, racists. This is the precipice of the fall of every great civilization in history.

Had a great visit out of State with family. Back home.

The great ambiguity since 2020 is not talked about much. I think most Americans feel HOMELESS.

-- A lot of Democrats don't identify with the extreme policies of the lunatic liberals in their party, but they don't want to switch parties, so they're stuck; sort of.

-- A lot of Republicans don't identify with the RINOs deafening silence and inaction from so-called Conservatives, but they go along with the red wave, so they're stuck; sort of.

-- Libertarians are basically aimless since Ron Paul.

-- Independents are just out there, indecisive and also aimless.

Massive crowd in from of the Department of Education gather after 1000s of teachers Lost their jobs after not getting the shot.
#covid #fjb #NYC

This was just a test. The odds of a full DNS failure at Facebook, and affecting global communications providers is near 0. It's literally not possible.

I am one of the people who have tried to get people to see the truth about Agenda 21 for years. To many were blind to it I stopped. here it is once again.

You tell me what makes sense? We make excuses for millionaires and billionaires, because apparently they need our excuses to make sense for their #treason ?