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🚨The U.S Consulate in the City of Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan Province is reportedly under Heavy Rocket attack, at least 5 Rockets are claimed to have Struck the Compound.

Donald Trump Is Scheduled To Go On The “Joe Rogan” Podcast.

Prayers needed for protection. Have someone close to me who will be going overseas to handle some business. That's all I ever say about anything, but him and his family will be on my mind and in my prayers morning, noon, and night now. He can handle his own shit, but the world is a sketchy place in certain parts of the world, so yeah, if you have a moment to say a Prayer or two, it's greatly appreciated.

"Lord I beg of you to keep him and his family safe, free from harm, healthy, and prosperous in his defense of freedoms and peace for those he protects. In Jesus' name; Amen!"