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America's Word for Today! #Proverbs 6:16 - 18 #kjv
16These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto Him:
17A proud look, a #lying tongue, and hands that shed #innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

My fellow Americans, My #Medicare /#Medicaid Insurance UPMC did it again! Screwed Up Royally & I could tell more, but this is a family show! THIS TIME, UPMC Medicare Transport after giving them 4 days notice I needed a Saturday Morning Ride to and from getting my Blood & Urine work (For Diabetes & my Disability issues), well, Friday 3PM, they "could not secure a ride" & my case manager, who works til 5pm, was not available! I'll give more details later, but I have a long morning ahead taking my disabled body via bus and walk to get this done! Anyone wishing to call and tell them what kind of brain dead fools they are - use my name, please 1-844-220-4785 tell them yours truly Jeff Hertzog from #RadioAmericaUSA sent ya! Stephanie B my case worker will really appreciate it! (Hope she blows a gasket!) - I will try to get back and continue my work here!

Emerging #covid19 Treatments Will Further Undermine #vaccine #Mandates

#rfkjr in #Milan : Under #Global “Capitalism”, There Are Only Two Classes — the #Elite and Everyone Else https://childrenshealthdef...

#rfkjr in #Milan : Under #Global “Capitalism”, There Are Only Two Classes — the #Elite and Everyone Else https://childrenshealthdef...

Official Data Confirms “Fully #Vaccinated” Account For 9 Out Of Every 10 “#COVID19” Deaths Since #August ! https://sonsoflibertymedia...

#CriminalJustice Reform Legalizes Stealing From The Poor – The Profound Inequality Of Pro-Crime Policies https://thewashingtonstand...

#DavidIcke – Video: The #Moronic ‘#Variant’ And The Hidden ‘#Gods’

Don't forget this first weekend in December, my Internet Radio Station Site, #RadioAmericaUSA - - Robert Scott Bell is on live 6 days a week, plus 3 other shows and my website where I still have up 2 videos where you can personally save America on a LOCAL level!

#DemandCapitalPunishment - Parents to Sue #School After Teacher Used Shoelace to Strap #Mask to Down Syndrome Daughter’s Face
School admitted to masking child for six weeks without #parental authorization.

Child Sex Abusers At #CIA Avoiding Prosecution: What We Know

Video: A Criminal "President," #joebiden A #Doctor Dead After Telling The Truth & #Nuremberg 2.0 Begins (#Fauci tells on himself - around 1:03:00 it starts)