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photos for today, it is TIME TO ACT NOW AMERICA, NOT JUST "TALK"! 1 Person can NOT do it! #wakeupamerica

Remember 20 years ago, just like #covid #covid19 is Plandemic Scamdemic & Inside Job, so was 9-11-2001

the case for growing Organic Hemp, which bags can be made!

New Show Added on Radio America USA my Internet Radio Station! This is an AUDIO show of "God Said Man Said" when you get to, please scroll down to this

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New Banner/Logo for my Internet Radio Station - Radio America USA (once & still known as Philly and Jersey Radio)

the dangers of canola oil, which I will be able to cover more going into 2022

Amy the Coward declined to overturn a #vaccine #MANDATE that had been implemented at the University of Indiana; many #trump supporters are feeling betrayed. - #ArrestAmy -

IF #BugsBunny were here now, I think this photo sums it up with the left & deep state nuts