So the wanker is a "friend" of #Gaetz . Big effing deal. Notice, the jackass reporting this is a #CNN reporter, and a CNN Affiliate site is reporting this. I don't want to give them any clicks, so I screenshot the article.

MSM-Bongino finally does something other than whine on his show. I stopped listening because all he was doing was whine. Let's see if he has the balls enough to walk away from that radio network, and a chuck of cash.

I think most of us pretty much knew that they were colluding, this will just be proof that our hunch was right.

They're pushing too hard. Perhaps if they weren't pushing too hard, and even then, the vaccines aren't fully tested as safe. Also, there's the FDA that's corrupt as hell, that should tell you something.

The left and the FDA against E-Cigarettes, approving an E-Cigarette from a big tobacco company, not one from the E-Cigarette companies that have been in the business for years? That should tell you something. There's something rotten in #DC , and it's not last week's dinner rotting in the back of the fridge.

Website Feature: "People's Rights" --> Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your #rights ? --> https://www.peoplesrights....

#Disgusting . You live in #NY , but afraid to go into the city? This is the #democrats #america . SMH

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