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1611 King James Bible First Edition Facsimile Reproductions (Old Video: See Updated Video)

The 1611 King James Bible Facsimile Reproductions of The Bible Museum at GREATSITE.COM
Note: this old promotional video still shows "400th Anniversary Edition" imprinted on the spine. That is no longer on the spine. To see the current size and binding options for our popular 1611 King James Bible facsimile reproductions, please see the updated versions of this video. We now have 3 separate videos for all 3 editions:

The 1611 KJV Super Deluxe Genuine Leather Full Size is here:
The 1611 KJV Deluxe Synthetic Leather Full Size is here:

and the 1611 KJV Reduced Size Reference Edition is here:
You can also see ALL of these options together on our website here:

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