Video: #AlexJones Declares WAR on #donaldtrump Unless He Comes Out Against The #coronavirus #Injection Agenda - calls out the members of the #republican Party that can and should take action against the growing globalist #medicaltyranny takeover.

From WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News in Allentown, PA who needs to be called out, boycotted, they claim to be conservative but Pro Vaccine & Gave In to the Globalists (See how they label #AlexJones of Infowars): Alex Jones responsible for damages from false claims, judge rules – Video –

Great Reset Mastermind Announces Plan For The Forced #GMO Takeover Of Every Human Body - #ArrestBillGates -

#FBI Clears #AlexJones And #RogerStone of Plotting January 6th 2021 Attack

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