Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
29 September, 06:09
#Yahoo put out a fake story, no longer will use Yahoo; also this nut #TYT #TheYoungTurks – still want to know the alleged staffer who made the accusations! #trump #Desantis – (over 15 wannabe news sites blasting the same crap) nice try libs! Failed! Even Independents like me figured you out!
Here Some of Yahoo’s Sponsors
Quantcast – they make Ads – uses information gathered through browsers and apps to better target advertisements to individuals in an effort to create a more relevant online experience for each person.
#google – they have Ads for Yahoo – what’s the matter Yahoo, can’t get more sponsors?
Those who pointed out the evidence that it was fake, many thanks!
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
15 August, 04:43
Tim Brown: Top Recruits Refuse To Work For #google Or #Amazon Over Involvement In #Israeli #WarCrimes - #Israel #Palestine - https://thewashingtonstand...
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
05 July, 06:42
Amazon and WEF in Bed Together
It'll only get worse unless you say no more.

Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
04 July, 12:23
THEY'RE BUILDING CAMPS?! - #BillGates , #RedChina & #Amazon Want You ENSLAVED To The #greatreset !
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
03 June, 05:08
Oh, the joys or Amazon KDP. They care, not.


#Writingcommunity #Reading #Read #writerslift #KDP
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
21 May, 03:30
Podcast on Hold, found this story!
Porch Pirate Learns The Hard Way Not To #Steal When #Marine Riggs #Amazon Package To Serve Him Instant #Justice – The #Robber Soiled Himself
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
20 April, 07:01
From Glenn #Greenwald :
"A group of former intelligence and national security officials on Monday issued a jointly signed letter warning that pending legislative attempts to restrict or break up the power of Big Tech monopolies — #facebook , #google , and #Amazon — would jeopardize national security because, they argue, their centralized #censorship power is crucial to advancing U.S. foreign policy,"

LMAO, #WTF ? Sounds like the #DeepState , the #democrats , and the rest of the #LeftWing are getting desperate. #america needs to break up the #BigTech #Monopolies .
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
18 January, 08:20
Amazon to Censor Everyone Who Speaks Out

Read more 👉

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🏷 #Amazon #censorship
Walk In Verse @walkinverse
04 December, 08:44
From my book Firestorm. paper-back book available on amazon. e-book you can get from my site
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
01 December, 02:37
Pharma-funded mainstream media has convinced millions of Americans that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a hero. He is anything but.
As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci dispenses $6.1 billion in annual taxpayer-provided funding for scientific research, allowing him to dictate the subject, content, and outcome of scientific health research across the globe. Fauci uses the financial clout at his disposal to wield extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and thousands of influential doctors and scientists—whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance, or reward.

During more than a year of painstaking and meticulous research, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. unearthed a shocking story that obliterates media spin on Dr. Fauci . . . and that will alarm every American—Democrat or Republican—who cares about democracy, our Constitution, and the future of our children’s health.

The Real Anthony Fauci reveals how “America’s Doctor” launched his career during the early AIDS crisis by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to sabotage safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDS. Fauci orchestrated fraudulent studies, and then pressured US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators into approving a deadly chemotherapy treatment he had good reason to know was worthless against AIDS. Fauci repeatedly violated federal laws to allow his Pharma partners to use impoverished and dark-skinned children as lab rats in deadly experiments with toxic AIDS and cancer chemotherapies.

In early 2000, Fauci shook hands with Bill Gates in the library of Gates’ $147 million Seattle mansion, cementing a partnership that would aim to control an increasingly profitable $60 billion global vaccine enterprise with unlimited growth potential. Through funding leverage and carefully cultivated personal relationships with heads of state and leading media and social media institutions, the Pharma-Fauci-Gates alliance exercises dominion over global health policy.

The Real Anthony Fauci details how Fauci, Gates, and their cohorts use their control of media outlets, scientific journals, key government and quasi-governmental agencies, global intelligence agencies, and influential scientists and physicians to flood the public with fearful propaganda about COVID-19 virulence and pathogenesis, and to muzzle debate and ruthlessly censor dissent.
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
13 November, 10:24
The Fall of the University of Cape Town: Africa’s leading university in decline
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
01 November, 11:06
I found an Amazon folder with thousands of audio recordings from my home gadgets -
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
16 October, 06:25
I think I'll leave this here too.
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
16 October, 06:22
During the last week or so, I've seen 2 platforms disappear off the face of the planet for no good reason whatsoever. I think that they did have one thing in common, but I'm not sure. But I think that I'll just leave this here.
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
05 September, 07:21
Epstein was the start:

Epstein: Arrested, and "Committed Suicide" (He didn't kill himself)
Oprah: Cancelled, Magazine Gone?
Ellen: Cancelled
Jimmy Kimmel: Taking A Break
Tom Hanks: He ran away to Greece and became a Greek Citizen
Crissy Teigen: Got Cancelled by her own fans, made her Twitter account private, deleted 60K tweets blocked 1M+ Users
Jon Legend: No longer a legend (pun intended)
Jenna Jameson: Went public about being raped, conditioned, and trafficked in Hollywood as a child.
Isaac Kappy: Repeatedly named Tom Hanks as a Pedophile. Committed Suicide on Route 66 just after Hanks tweeted about roadkill on Route 66.
Chris Cornell: Committed Suicide while working on a documentary about child sex trafficking
Chester Bennington: Committed Suicide while working on a documentary about child sex trafficking
Anthony Bourdain: Committed Suicide while working on a documentary about child sex trafficking
Maxwell: She wants the documents that the government has on the people that were accomplices but they're stonewalling her. The judge has ordered her to start opening documents.
The Judge appointed to Maxwell/Epstein case: Son is murdered and Husband is shot
Bezos: Steps down as CEO of Amazon
Bill Gates: Gets divorce as a result of Epstein Island.

There's more, keep your eyes open... These people are sick, and their lies are becoming unraveled in an epic fashion along with the election audits. #ManThesePeopleAreSick #EnjoyTheShow

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