#Asswipes . The new variant is probably coming from the vaccinated. The people getting sick are those #vaccinated , not those that aren't vaccinated, if you haven't taken notice.
#GodProtectMeFromTheSheep #LetsGoBrandon

I wonder if I could take advantage of that if it's passed? I'm sort of a journalist. Anyway, these asswipes calling themselves "journalists" shouldn't be rewarded. They should be jailed.

#fakenews . There's already laws on the federal laws on the books for hate crimes. They don't have the man power to enforce the laws. The localities aren't enforcing the law because it's not their jurisdiction.

Furthermore, those hate crime laws are...racist, and have an unconstitutional tone to them. While crimes happen every day, and ones that are racially motivated are most heinous, they are rare. #Asswipes . I am not your pawn, Crazy Mazie.

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