In light of #BigTech Censorship, remember, I may not always be on Social Media, they go down at times, but 24/7, I am ALWAYS on the flagship website - I have 2 videos up on Restoring the #Militia and SCROLL DOWN to MY MESSAGE BOARD, there I will have any needed announcements so you all are up to date!

#joebiden Administration, #BigTech , Leftist Fascist Nazi Communist Sodomite Hate Groups Step Up War on #FreeSpeech - Leftists cannot and do not tolerate dissent. https://www.frontpagemag.c...

Those who have not seen this yet: Reminder & for new users or those who have not seen this - (I will post this a few more times over the next few weeks) As many of you know I am on over 20 #socialmedia Platforms to promote my Ministry, My Website & My Internet Radio Station, #RadioAmericaUSA , I believe everyone should have at least 3 or 4 signed up, due to server/database maintenance, upgrades & of course #BigTech wishing to take all of them down, I have join "America First Patriot" PLEASE sign up & follow me there and here is that link: (Thank You!) https://www.americafirstpa...

Apple Revokes Your Constitutional Rights

@walkinverse /apple-revokes-your-constitutional-rights" target="_blank" class="inline-link">

#FactsMatter #censorship #BigTech

Really? Fakebook now controlling churches. We have no more church. God is dead in America. The roosters have come home to roost. A a man once said, Not God bless American, but God damn America. Prove me wrong.


#bigtechcensorship #communism

I have been censored and demonetized on all platforms. They removed all my main accounts from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and Amazon e-books. We need to stop using all these services and get a hell of a lot louder. If we continue to allow this, it will only get worse. It's not ok. First, they came for us; next, they will come for you and wipe out your income. But we won't be here to help; no one will be left to help.

#bigtechcensorship #amazon #factsmatter

I personally find it HILARIOUS in a sad and depressing way that ALL THE PEOPLE bitching about #BigTech --->> KEEP FUCKING USING BIG TECH! ~~~ and then call everyone else #zombies #sheeple and make fun of the left, liberals, etc. #instrospect

America First Policy Institute - https://www.takeonbigtech....

Why #BigTech wanted to ban #Australia , even though they are more #draconian than what we've experienced. They're speaking the truth.

US military 'go woke' as Chinese commit serious incursion into Taiwan airspace - YouTube

Sky News host James Morrow says the world has become a “more dangerous place” as the US military falls prey to identity politics under the Biden administrati...

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