Former CBS Healthwatch Reporter Pulls Back The Curtain To Show You How The Pandemic Illusion Is Built » Sons of Liberty Media - https://sonsoflibertymedia...

Former #CBS Healthwatch Reporter #JonRappoport Pulls Back The Curtain To Show You How The #pandemic Illusion Is Built https://sonsoflibertymedia...

JUST IN - Six planes with hundreds of evacuees, including American citizens, are not allowed to leave Afghanistan. "The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans," a senior congressional source told CBS.

Did #CamNewton’s #Vaccination Status Impact Patriots’ Decision To Start Mac Jones? #BoycotttheNFL -

COVID-19 Spreading in Counties With High Vaccination Rates ingo Chiu via AP)
By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 28 July 2021 06:02 AM

New data from the California Health and Human Services Agency suggests that some California counties with high vaccination rates are also experiencing high levels of COVID-19 cases.

Some of the counties with the highest rates of vaccination and cases include: Los Angeles, San Diego, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco. Conversely, Modoc, Glenn, Lassen, Del Norte and San Benito counties, which have low vaccination rates, also have a low number of COVID-19 cases reported.

According to a CBS report, University of California San Francisco infectious disease expert Dr. Phillip Norris attributed the increased case count in highly vaccinated counties to dense populations.

“If there are a lot of people around you’re more likely to bump into one who has COVID,” Norris stated

The American People and ALL of you on this Social Media Platform, NEED TO NOW, there will be NO tomorrows, FIGHT the Mainstream Media, any of you on Twitter, Facebook needs to take them (ABC, CBS, F. Chuck Todd, David Muhr, etc.) attack them with the truth and demand they stop pushing the fear porn! They are NOW as I watch pushing mandatory vaccinations, THEY FULLY INTEND TO KILL US! It is either us or them, if they win over us, Satan Lucifer wins, America is gone! IT IS NOW OR NEVER, I CAN NOT FIGHT THEM ALONE! Get in FB & Twitter, flood them and fight! Make it clear it is no vaccines or death (freedom or death) their agenda is to kill us! Can no longer just sit on the sidelines! I most likely will be the first victims of the Government killing for not taking the Vax!

Former FDA Chief Predicts "Most" Unvaccinated Americans Will Get Delta Variant

🇺🇸@COVID19Up: The former commissioner of the FDA who is on the board of Pfizer predicted Sunday that “most” unvaccinated Americans who haven’t already had COVID-19 will contract the Delta variant—and it will be the “most serious” virus of their lives.

“This virus is so contagious, this variant is so contagious ... that most people will either get vaccinated or have been previously infected or they will get this delta variant,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb warned in an interview on CBS.

“And for most people who get this delta variant, it’s going to be the most serious virus that they get in their lifetime in terms of the risk of putting them in the hospital,” he added.

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CBS 62 Insider GOES PUBLIC Exposing Network's Forced Vaccination Rhetoric and Bias -

Dumbo Joe stupidity is a threat to the West. The USA is gaining full recognition as a very weak Country do to Biden!

'Joe Biden's stupidity is now a threat to the West': Bolt - YouTube

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the “stupidity” of US President Joe Biden is now a “threat to the West”.Mr Bolt said Biden's recent climate summit was a "disg...

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