Chemtrails are not the same as contrails. For more information, go outside and look up.

2008 - Chemtrails are real, & y`all laughed at me.
2021 - Chemtrails confirmed, & Bill Gates wants to block the sun.

2008 - Aspartame is very bad for you, & y`all laughed at me.
2020 - Aspartame confirmed bad with serious health risks.

2008 - Monsanto is evil and kills people, & y`all laughed at me.
2020 - Monsanto, Roundup, GMO killing thousands confirmed.

2008 - GMO is bad, & y`all laughed at me.
2020 - Everyone buying organic because GMO is bad.

2008 - Forced injections, depopulation, & y`all laughed at me.
2021 - It's happening right now, and people are willing!

2008 - They are spying on us everywhere, & y`all laughed at me.
2013 - Edward Snowden confirms NSA spying on everyone.
2015 - Huge NSA data spy centers discovered.
2020 - Social media listens to you talk and recommends ads.
2021 - Apple comes right out with neural link confirming spying.

2008 - Satanic, secret societies run the world, & y`all laughed at me.
2021 - Epstein, Hollywood, MeToo, Cosby, Maxwell, Hanks, Schumer, Weiner, Haiti, Child Sex Trafficking, Hunter & Joe Biden, and so many more.

Now I've obviously left out a LOT, but I am 100% telling you right now the following things ARE GOING TO HAPPEN!

Aug-Sep 2021 - Lockdown 2.0 will commence, but it won't be quite as restrictive IF you get the death shots.

Sep-Nov 2021 - More stimulus, unemployment BUT you will have to prove vaccinated status to receive it. A dozen Countries are already doing this.

Sept-Dec 2021 - All of the vaccines will get rushed full FDA approval, which is 2.5 years before the FDA trials studies are slated to complete, meaning YOU are the test and experiment(s). Every *booster* you get increases the mortality rate, but they will blame it on other variants. People will get auto-immune disorders, neurological disorders, severely immuno-compromised, and unable to fight off regular infections.

Aug 2022 - 5% reduction in global population
Aug 2023 - 15% reduction in global population
Aug 2024 - 50% reduction in global population

...or will y`all just laugh at me again (if you're still alive)???

I remember watching planes fly over as a kid...they had a contrail that dissipated completely within, chemtrails that make "clouds"...LOOK UP

Weather warfare...look up...chemtrails...drought in U.S.....force food shortages....

Come back and talk to me once you've researched all of the topics below thoroughly, and then talk to me about my wild conspiracy theories.
➜ 1990 Testimony of Nayirah
➜ Counter Intelligence Programs Against Activists in the 60's
➜ Operation Mockingbird
➜ The Tuskegee Syphillis Study
➜ Main Core
➜ Rex 84
➜ The Iran-Contra Affair
➜ The BCCI Scandal
➜ CIA Drug Running in LA
➜ Gulf of Tonkin Incident
➜ The Business Plot
➜ Operation Snow White
➜ Operation Gladlo
➜ The Church Committee
➜ The New World Order
➜ CIA Drug Smuggling in Arkansas
➜ Operation Fast & Furious
➜ Clinton Emails
➜ Seth Rich
➜ Wikileaks
➜ Operation Paperclip
➜ The Illuminati
➜ The Free Masons
➜ Skull & Bones
➜ Building 7
➜ Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth
➜ Big Brother or The Shady Government
➜ The Federal Reserve Bank
➜ Chemtrails
➜ Fluorida
➜ H.A.A.R.P.
➜ Watergate
➜ USS Iowa Turret Explosion
➜ Blackbox Scandal
➜ The Fruit Machine
➜ CIA Giving Money to Tibetan Exiles
➜ War on Terror
➜ Afghan Opium
➜ Fentanyl
➜ The Dead Baby Project
➜ Bad Booze
➜ Edward Snowden
➜ Julian Assange
➜ Big Tobacco
➜ Nikola Tesla Free Energy
➜ Project Sunshine
➜ Phoebus Cartel
➜ Project Blue Book
➜ Project Blue Beam
➜ Agenda 21
➜ Bilderbergers
➜ George Soros Puppet Master
➜ Secret Societies
➜ Pizzagate
➜ Save the Children Sex Trafficking
➜ Gaydar
➜ Bohemian Grove
➜ CIA Heart Attack Gun
➜ Air Force Gay Bomb
➜ The Dalai Lama was a CIA agent
➜ Electronic Frontier Foundation
➜ Operation Popeye
➜ Patriot Act
➜ Operation Northwoods
➜ Jeffrey Epstein
➜ Ghislaine Maxwell
➜ Epstein Island
➜ Lolita Express
➜ Epstein Flight Logs
➜ Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself
➜ Asbestos
➜ Nayirah’s Testimony
➜ .....I can keep going if you'd like?

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