MUST SEE VIDEO! Take the time please and watch! From #Chickfila in #SouthCarolina : Protesting #Fascist & #Communist #Mandates

#Chickfila Goes Full #Fascist #NAZI - Siding With Tyrants On Experimental Shots & Tests - #BoycottChickfila

PAY ATTENTION FOLKS, THOSE WHO REMEMBER & when I was still over at FakeBook & Tweeterland: I have been for over 3 years pushing the Boycott of Chick Fil A because they add garbage to their chicken breast, making it harmful especially to diabetics! There is NO reason to put any of this crap in! No extras except maybe a little sea salt and black pepper! #LowCarbHealthFreedom (my line!)

Here is what they add to their chicken breast:
Chicken (boneless skinless chicken breast, water, apple cider vinegar, soybean oil, modified corn starch, salt, yeast extract, sugar, chicken breast meat, chicken broth, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic, sea salt, cane molasses, spices, chicken fat, natural flavor [including smoke], lemon peel, red bell pepper, paprika, lemon juice concentrate, parsley and vinegar solids, xanthan gum, and calcium disodium EDTA [to protect quality]).

Now you have more than 2 reasons to boycott and demonstrate against Chick Fil A!

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