Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
22 June, 06:48
Many Videos: #Minnesota #Congressional Challenger Seeks To Expose #IlhanOmar As A Non-Citizen https://thewashingtonstand...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
18 June, 12:19
Fed Kills the Economy, Dem Blues, Vax Keep Killing

The Federal Reserve, this week, raised a key interest rate the most in 28 years. The Fed raised the Fed Funds rate by a stunning .75%. As the Fed clearly signaled rising interest rates, the markets tanked. Fears of recession are everywhere, and the Fed says it will continue to raise rates. Right now, the 30-Year mortgage is around 6.20%. In January, it was half that. Housing is taking a huge hit along with everything else.

As gasoline hits one record high after another and the cost of living in the real world skyrockets, Democrats’ hopes for the mid-term elections tank. In a special election in a deep blue Congressional district in Texas, the GOP upset the Democrat incumbent and took the House seat. Mayra Flores is heading to Washington after a 20% swing in Democrat voters switching to the GOP. This is a bad omen for November 2022 for the Democrats. This is why the Dems have the blues for 2022, and it ain’t going to be much better in 2024.

This week, we saw more mysterious deaths that appear to be caused by the CV19 vax, but you cannot be sure because nobody is talking. The stories just keep using words like mysterious, sudden and unexpected when describing these types of deaths and never list an actual cause. Is this a coverup for the extreme harm being caused by the experimental CV19 vax? It sure looks like it. This “mystery” can’t last forever as the bodies from strange unexplained deaths keep piling up.
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
15 June, 02:57
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
22 May, 08:12
MUST READ! #VladimirPutin & The #Russian #ForeignAffairs Ministry Permanently Bans #joebiden #KamalaHarris #hunterbiden #Hillary #Soros (963 Americans who are permanently barred from setting foot in the Russian Federation.) From Entering #Russia
211 of #republicans in the #HouseofRepresentatives and Senate — as well as 224 #Democratic members of both congressional chambers, are on the ban list.
John Burke @johnburke
28 April, 11:15
Highest NY Court Rules Democrats Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered New Congressional Map via WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal...
John Burke @johnburke
07 February, 12:41
Outrageous congressional plan to spy on everything online gets hammered
John Burke @johnburke
04 December, 01:06
Former Capitol Police Chief's Congressional Testimony and Letter to Pelosi Contradicts Charges against up to 700 1/6 Defendants - Lawyer
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
09 October, 09:42
Redistricting is the process of drawing new congressional and state legislative district boundaries. Upon completion of the 2020 census, each of the states will draft and enact new district maps for the nation's 435 congressional districts and 7,383 state legislative seats across 99 chambers. This article will detail the congressional district maps adopted during the 2020 redistricting cycle. This article will be updated as events unfold.
Mr. Nobody @admin
05 September, 07:22
JUST IN - Six planes with hundreds of evacuees, including American citizens, are not allowed to leave Afghanistan. "The Taliban is basically holding them hostage to get more out of the Americans," a senior congressional source told CBS.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
21 August, 01:16 Judge Tipton Blocks Biden's Rule Narrowing the Scope of ICE Enforcement within the Country On Thursday, Federal Judge Drew Tipton, representing the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, issued a preliminary injunction against the Biden Administration's ICE rules which drastically limited the categories of criminal aliens the agency could target.

According to Fox News, Judge Drew Tipton ruled that the policy violated congressional mandates and that Louisiana and Texas, which filed the lawsuit, were likely to succeed in their claim that the policy violated the Administrative Procedures Act (APA.)
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
11 August, 02:03
Tina40 RealTina40·27m
Congressional Candidate #NY14 Against AOC
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
09 August, 07:18
Arab Spring 2: D.C. Politicians Rush to Save Islamists in Tunisia
Muslim Congressional Candidate Attends Radical Mosques, Singles Out Israel for Attack
Katie Hopkins: Australia is a Penal Colony Once More
Paul Watson Video: Globo Karens are Coming for Your Memes https://www.frontpagemag.c...
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
07 August, 03:43
PA Congressional Candidate Predicts A Win In The Swing State

OH Senate Candidate Says He Has Best Trump Credentials Of All Candidates
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
05 August, 08:05
National File NationalFile·4m
POWER MOVE: U.S. House Candidate Jarome Bell Promises to Support Freedom Caucus Over Kevin McCarthy For House Speaker

The Freedom Caucus, also known as the House Freedom Caucus, is a congressional caucus consisting of conservative Republican members of the United States House of Representatives. It is generally considered to be the most conservative and furthest-right bloc within the House Republican Conference

Wisconsin Removes 205,000 Voters From The Rolls

Huge PA Election Audit Development: GOP Senator Says ‘Let the Fun Begin’
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
04 August, 09:02
realdonaldtrump 1d·
If I were President right now, with COVID raging back, people being shot and killed in record numbers all over our cities, and the Border totally open with criminals and heavily infected COVID people pouring through our Southern Border and into our communities, the Fake News Media would be having an absolute field day. When I left office law enforcement was supported like never before, the Border was strong, safe, and secure (the best ever!), and I got a highly effective vaccine developed in less than 9 months (when it was supposed to take 5 years, or more!). Hopefully, people will NEVER FORGET!

In addition to the RECORD-BREAKING money raised over the last 6 months to my political affiliates, I am pleased to see the entire party benefit from “Trump.” By using my name and likeness through many of their efforts, the Republican National Committee raised $84 million, the National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $51.2 million, and the National Republican Congressional Committee raised $79.2 million. Nearly $296.4 million in support of Trump! The Republican Party is unified behind Trump and the Patriots continue to fuel this movement. Thank you, America!

Highly respected Army intelligence captain, Seth Keshel, has just released his Report on National Fraud Numbers with respect to the 2020 Presidential Election. I don’t personally know Captain Keshel, but these numbers are overwhelming, election-changing, and according to Keshel, could be even bigger in that they do not account for cyber-flipping of votes. They show I won the election—by A LOT! Now watch the Democrats coalesce, defame, threaten, investigate, jail people, and do whatever they have to do to keep the truth from surfacing, and let the Biden Administration continue to get away with destroying our Country. The irregularities and outright fraud of this election are an open wound to the United States of America. Something must be done—immediately!

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