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PTE Write Essay

As the last step in PTE essay writing, you should provide a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes your response by summarizing the ideas that you discussed in the introduction and the two paragraphs. Here is a PTE essay template that you can use to write a conclusion. In accordance with our PTE essay template, you should summarize paragraphs 1 and 2, and then use your argument from the introduction to support your point. The conclusion should include: “In conclusion + give your argument (section 3 from the introduction) + 2 main ideas from paragraphs 1 and 2”, and finally, conclude the essay with a strong opinion. Let me show you how a conclusion should look on an essay based on the above essay template.
As you can see, using our PTE essay template will make your essay easy to write, but it will also score highly, because it meets all the PTE's scoring criteria. Take a look below to see how everything works. In our essay structure/ template, we have included color coding so you can see exactly what those sentences refer to. Moreover, the word count of the written essay is perfect, right between 200 and 300 words. You can now write a good essay by following our PTE essay template/structure, but if you have difficulties with your English language skills, especially grammar, you may wish to use the essay templates with more ready-made content so that you can just add a few words and it will be ready. I am going to share some PTE writing essay templates for test-takers who would like assurance that they will pass the PTE by following these ready-made templates. 

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100,000 Excess #Deaths Per Month: And All of This is Being #Censored or Ignored by the #MainstreamMedia    https://sonsoflibertymedia...
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Best Tree Removal Services by Island Tree Style
In Maui tree care trimming arborists provide the best Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, and trimming Services. The branches do not fall directly from the trees, so it is a good idea to hire a tree trimmer to do this work for you, Get the best tree services at island tree style. Tree Care specialists can also provide tree pruning services. Tree pruning is a service that can improve your trees' beauty. For more information visit our website or call+1 808-740-0488
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A DEAD #Virologist , #mRNA #Lettuce & Low #Sperm Count Brought To You By… (Video) https://thewashingtonstand...
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Photo - #wethepeople have to Lawfully deal with this Antichrist as the #UniParty has been bought off! #BillGates
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Medical Journal Claims #AntiVaxxers Cause Deadly Clots in Vaccinated People by SCARING Them About #vaccine Dangers
Now they're saying #Medical #Misinformation is killing the vaccinated. https://thecountersignal.c...
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City On the Edge Of Fifteen Minutes - Clyde Lewis Ground Zero
Creating a 3-mile zone within a city and county is imperative to the vision of a greener, vehicle-free area where buses, scooters, bikes, and pedestrians can walk or commute within 15 minutes of everywhere. 15-minute secure smart cities have been studied and discussed for some time but it wasn’t until the C19 demic that world leaders were impressed with the idea of three-mile zones that could give people all they need while limiting them from leaving their confined areas. Is this just an appealing way to subtly imprison the populace? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about CITY ON THE EDGE OF 15 MINUTES
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Bradlee Dean - #SonsOfLibertyMedia & Radio - Not a Popular Job, But Someone Has To Do It! on at 3PM Eastern LIVE then On Demand until Monday on my Internet Radio Station Website, #RadioAmericaUSA http://www.radioamericausa...
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Bill Gates Tells World Leaders ‘Death Panels’ Will Soon Be Required
Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time to start talking about “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people to death for the crime of being of no use to the elite. Bill Gates has become so arrogant in recent times that he is happy for cameras to catch him saying the quiet parts out loud. Terrifying stuff, I’m sure you will agree. Gates doesn’t explain why we can’t pay teachers and allow people to live out their lives in peace. Why is it either/or? After all, in the past we didn’t have any problem paying teachers their salaries and allowing our old people to enjoy their grandchildren during their golden years. This is the brutal, murderous world Bill Gates and his associates at the World Economic Forum are determined to roll out as part of their Great Reset. We can’t allow their evil logic to become the new normal. If you are wondering what else they have up their sleeve, it’s worth paying attention to what was happening at the G20 in Bali, Indonesia this week. The G20 is a summit featuring leaders of the most important economies in the world, and it’s a mix of countries considered to be “advanced” or “developing”. Beyond the rooms where the world political leaders sit around and thrash out various issues, there are dozens of side events where so-called “dignitaries” meet. As James Melville asked on Twitter, why were Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab in attendance at the G20? No one voted for them. The mainstream media is declaring anyone who asks this question to be a conspiracy theorist. But it’s a totally legitimate question to ask. The world’s richest man and new emperor of Twitter, Elon Musk was also in attendance there, just before he completely backtracked on his promises to turn Twitter into a free speech platform. Musk once declared himself a “free speech absolutist.” Now he is warning that “freedom of speech does not mean freedom of reach.” Musk appeared at the G20 alongside the more established figures of the globalist elite, including Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, who has already used the forum to instruct world leaders to begin restructuring the global economy in line with the WEF’s techno-communist vision. For his part, Gates is using the forum to instruct world leaders that death panels will be necessary in the near future in order to end the lives of sick and unwell people due to “very, very high medical costs”.
Bill Gates Tells World Leaders ‘Death Panels’ Will Soon Be Required - YouTube

Unelected world health czar Bill Gates has told world leaders that it’s time to start talking about “death panels” that sentence ordinary, law-abiding people...

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The American People themselves #wethepeople need to themselves lawfully deal with & prosecute these criminals & the politicians of the #UniParty who backs them! Now or never #america !
#G20 Pushes #VaccinePassports For ALL #vaccines For All Future International Travel: Only “Then You Can Move Around” (MUST WATCH VIDEO!) https://thewashingtonstand...
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Nietzsche and Nihilism – A Warning to the West -
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Agenda 21 Wildlands Project: What you need to know

By Dr. Michael Coffman, Ph.D. Rural landowners who desire to use their own property are shocked when they learn new regulations increasingly restrict them from doing almost anything. These regulations ostensibly protect endangered species, viewsheds, open space, or a host of other reasons for limiting the owners rights to use their land. Although the environment and society allegedly benefit from the regulations, it is the landowner who pays the price through lowered property values. Rarely does the property owner receive just compensation for the societal benefit―as required by the U.S. Constitution and almost every state constitution. Rather the property owner is required to pay the entire cost, even though all of society supposedly benefits.

Essential Background Reading
Why Property Rights Matter
The Problem With The Endangered Species Act
International Domination of US Environmental Law and Private Property
The Wildlands Project

These regulations are usually developed by planners or other professionals who have no real-life experience in rural living. Because they have no real understanding of what is required to develop exploit natural resources, they establish idealistic arbitrary and capricious rules that make farming, ranching and timber growing increasingly difficult and less profitable. When some resource users find they can no longer farm, ranch or produce timber profitably they are forced to sell their property at a greatly reduced value because the same regulations devalue the land. Those who own property near an urban area face an added burden when their ad valorem taxes skyrocket due to the growing potential for development. Yet, when they try to sell their land for development they find their property value has plummeted because regulations requiring open space and other societal benefits severely limit the ability to develop the land and therefore its value.

Property owners in America have always accepted the need for regulations. Common law since the time of the Magna Charta has always allowed the government to restrict property use that would otherwise cause problems of safety, health, harm or nuisance to the community
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Battle of #Dictators
#RedChina 's #XiJinping confronts #Canada 's #JustinTrudeau at G20 over media leaks

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