It wasn't poorly done. This information was leaked out. They weren't #protesting , they were #Rioting , there IS a difference. What #Wyden isn't telling everyone is that they more than likely got more information than they'd like to admit, and it leads back to the #Dems .

WH Begs for Help from Corporations as Dems Cause Empty Shelves and Increased Energy Prices -

So… it's the Dems holding things up. They're spending money like it's nobodies' business, and they don't want to own the debt all by themselves.

US Senate Votes 61–38 to Advance Debt Limit Increase Bill – Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Dems

Communist Takeover: Dems Weaponize Judiciary Against Political Opponents -

Dems block amendment mandating coronavirus vaccines for immigrants - https://www.lawenforcement...

The #democrats have never cared about the "Aloha Spirit" or the #constitution for that matter. All they've cared about is power and control in #Hawaii , even looking back at the state's history it's quite clear. Ever since the overthrow of the #Monarchy , here they've been in power here, and what good have they done? Nothing I can think of.

The Bus system was done by Mayor Frank Fasi. They kicked him out of the Democratic Party, and even the Republicans didn't like him here (that's how un-Republican the Republicans in Hawaii are). Fasi wanted a Rail system. Neither the Dems nor the GOP wanted to support him.

Look now, there's a rail system that's being built, and they're struggling to finish it. Under Fasi, it would've been finished. Comes to show you something. The #Swamp here is wide and deeper than anyone thinks.


#StupidLiberals , you can't #DefundThePolice it doesn't work that way. If you want less crime, you need cops and money to pay them. No cops and money to pay them, you live in fear. Bottom line, the buck stops there.

The #Dems won't try that shit in #Hawaii , we'd throw them out of office. We support our LEOs and Firefighters here.

People don't like things being forced on them. They'd rather lose their jobs. Stupid #Dems

Eighteen States passed election reform bills after what happened in the 2020 election. Dems aren't too happy right now about that, they won't be able to cheat.

The stupid #Dems can't say I didn't tell them I didn't warn them before I left big tech social media.

SlantRight 2.0: COVID Tyranny – Govt Lies, Media Lies, Dems Lie & Doctors FORCED to Lie - http://slantedright2.blogs...

BREAKING: Capitol Officer Lt. Michael Byrd has been identified as the killer of Ashlii Babbitt according to heavy .com There is a reason why the Biden DOJ refuses to name him as the killer. Political Influence pecker trails are all over this one and for good reason. The Dems screwed themselves this time. BLM and Antifa would scream and riot Holy hell if they were to prosecute him for the homicide that he rightfully committed.

LIVE: New York Gov. Cuomo Resigns, Will Leave Office In 2 Weeks | NBC News

Dems Can’t Say What Changed Between a Hackable Election In 2016 And Totally Secure Election In 2020

Audit Will Lead To Criminal Charges

LIVE: New York Gov. Cuomo Resigns, Will Leave Office In 2 Weeks | NBC News - YouTube

Watch live coverage as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing amid calls for his resignation after a report revealed that the governor sexually hara...

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