Head of US Energy Alliance Says Biden Administration’s Energy Policies Are Driving Up Costs of Oil and Gas - https://www.theepochtimes....

-People are suffering financially, but the stock market is fine.
-The Supply Chain is fucked, but the stock market is fine.
-We're about to enter an energy crisis because of the "green" policies in place, and we're no longer energy independent (and the markets know this), but the stock markets are fine.

What's the takeaway from all of this? The stock market is a farce. They can make it go up and down at will, regardless of whom it hurts.

Nigel Farage On His One On One Exclusive With President Trump
Nigel Farage just did an interview with President Trump, and Steve Bannon says this interview is not just the usual talking points. You can watch it on the GB News app. Farage says the interview will especially connect with the British people.

“I have a feeling in this interview, what he says about Harry and Meghan and their total disrespect for the queen, what he says about Boris Johnson having gone from being a conservative when he was elected to being a liberal, what hes had to say about the over-reliance on wind energy, I think Donald Trump is really going to connect with the British audience and beyond that.”
You can also hear a spirited debate between Bannon and Farage about whether or not the Republicans should emphasize the 2020 stolen election or look forward to a positive message about 2024.

Massive #Undersea #Cables Project To Become World’s Longest, Providing #CleanEnergy To Power 7 Million Homes https://www.trueactivist.c...

Active War: Biden Officially Announces Plan to Shut Down All US Energy Production - https://freeworldnews.tv/w...

WH Begs for Help from Corporations as Dems Cause Empty Shelves and Increased Energy Prices - https://freeworldnews.tv/w...

The fake news on the island. We don't burn #coal on Oahu, we burn #OIL . I wonder if they know that we're NOT that stupid.
#fakenews #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Donald J. Trump October 4th, 2021
"Until recently, US auto companies sourced nearly all of their batteries overseas. USMCA changed that. Under the agreement, an automobile cannot qualify for duty free treatment unless 40 percent of the content (45 for a truck) is manufactured by workers earning at least $16 per hour. Advanced batteries of the kind that will power new energy vehicles comprise such a high percentage of the value of these vehicles that it will be almost impossible for auto companies to qualify them under the agreement without sourcing the batteries in the United States. And in order to take advantage of a longer transition time available under the agreement, most auto companies have committed to qualifying their entire North American fleet—regardless of where the vehicles are manufactured and traded.

The result we are seeing is a Renaissance in US battery production. SK Innovations announced a $2.6 billion new facility in Georgia that will open later this year. And just yesterday SK and Ford announced an $11 billion investment in Tennessee and Kentucky. Without USMCA—and the Trump Administration’s strong actions to push back against China’s unfair trade practices—this new investment and the thousands of good paying jobs that go with it would have gone to China or other low wage jurisdictions. Worker-focused trade policy works for America. More of America’s cars of the future will be built right here."

If you believe gas prices have hit all-time highs, you're naive. Shareholders of Exxon put two climate change Nazis into power. They pledge for clean energy as they destroy oil and gas. If you own a gas vehicle, junk it. If you work on the pipelines, find a new job—the motion forward, electric cars. Yet, they fail to mention how these vehicles are less green than their gas counterparts. But, we need to be honest with ourselves—this is not about green. It's about control and the loss of your liberties. #blackrock #greenenergy

Come back and talk to me once you've researched all of the topics below thoroughly, and then talk to me about my wild conspiracy theories.
➜ 1990 Testimony of Nayirah
➜ Counter Intelligence Programs Against Activists in the 60's
➜ Operation Mockingbird
➜ The Tuskegee Syphillis Study
➜ Main Core
➜ Rex 84
➜ The Iran-Contra Affair
➜ The BCCI Scandal
➜ CIA Drug Running in LA
➜ Gulf of Tonkin Incident
➜ The Business Plot
➜ Operation Snow White
➜ Operation Gladlo
➜ The Church Committee
➜ The New World Order
➜ CIA Drug Smuggling in Arkansas
➜ Operation Fast & Furious
➜ Clinton Emails
➜ Seth Rich
➜ Wikileaks
➜ Operation Paperclip
➜ The Illuminati
➜ The Free Masons
➜ Skull & Bones
➜ Building 7
➜ Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth
➜ Big Brother or The Shady Government
➜ The Federal Reserve Bank
➜ Chemtrails
➜ Fluorida
➜ H.A.A.R.P.
➜ Watergate
➜ USS Iowa Turret Explosion
➜ Blackbox Scandal
➜ The Fruit Machine
➜ CIA Giving Money to Tibetan Exiles
➜ War on Terror
➜ Afghan Opium
➜ Fentanyl
➜ The Dead Baby Project
➜ Bad Booze
➜ Edward Snowden
➜ Julian Assange
➜ Big Tobacco
➜ Nikola Tesla Free Energy
➜ Project Sunshine
➜ Phoebus Cartel
➜ Project Blue Book
➜ Project Blue Beam
➜ Agenda 21
➜ Bilderbergers
➜ George Soros Puppet Master
➜ Secret Societies
➜ Pizzagate
➜ Save the Children Sex Trafficking
➜ Gaydar
➜ Bohemian Grove
➜ CIA Heart Attack Gun
➜ Air Force Gay Bomb
➜ The Dalai Lama was a CIA agent
➜ Electronic Frontier Foundation
➜ Operation Popeye
➜ Patriot Act
➜ Operation Northwoods
➜ Jeffrey Epstein
➜ Ghislaine Maxwell
➜ Epstein Island
➜ Lolita Express
➜ Epstein Flight Logs
➜ Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself
➜ Asbestos
➜ Nayirah’s Testimony
➜ .....I can keep going if you'd like?

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