The #democrats have set precedents... They pushed for #trump "s tax returns. They shouldn't have. Furthermore, they piled on the impeachment, then there's 25th amendment...

We mustn't forget the precedent they set for the mandate. They made all the vaccine mandates in all 50 States invalid. No business or entity or the government for that matter can push a mandate because of the way that the supreme court ruled. lol, they ruled contradictory, so that it can come back at a future date.

Then a #texas judge blocked the enforcement on the federal mandate. While the article didn't say it was national or not, it was enough. Other Lawyers can use it in court as an argument.


The DS is runnifng scared. What happens when censorship fails? #EnjoyTheShow

The #panic is spreading, the media now is starting to panic. It's apparent in this reprint of this #Reuters article in the #NYPost . When the entire left is panicking, there is a good reason why.
#EnjoyTheShow . Nothing can stop what's coming. Nothing.

This is behind a paywall, but the headline says it all:
"If the next presidential election reveals the U.S. hurtling toward possible violence and autocracy, should Canada try to intervene?"
The Deep State is telling us what they're going to do, keep your eyes open.
#BePrepared #EnjoyTheShow

On MSNDNC they say 21M Americans are willing to use force to restore former President Trump into the White House. That sounded familiar. I searched that. Guess what happened to come up? An September 2021 article from Yahoo.

They had this planned. #EnjoyTheShow .

Epstein was the start:

Epstein: Arrested, and "Committed Suicide" (He didn't kill himself)
Oprah: Cancelled, Magazine Gone?
Ellen: Cancelled
Jimmy Kimmel: Taking A Break
Tom Hanks: He ran away to Greece and became a Greek Citizen
Crissy Teigen: Got Cancelled by her own fans, made her Twitter account private, deleted 60K tweets blocked 1M+ Users
Jon Legend: No longer a legend (pun intended)
Jenna Jameson: Went public about being raped, conditioned, and trafficked in Hollywood as a child.
Isaac Kappy: Repeatedly named Tom Hanks as a Pedophile. Committed Suicide on Route 66 just after Hanks tweeted about roadkill on Route 66.
Chris Cornell: Committed Suicide while working on a documentary about child sex trafficking
Chester Bennington: Committed Suicide while working on a documentary about child sex trafficking
Anthony Bourdain: Committed Suicide while working on a documentary about child sex trafficking
Maxwell: She wants the documents that the government has on the people that were accomplices but they're stonewalling her. The judge has ordered her to start opening documents.
The Judge appointed to Maxwell/Epstein case: Son is murdered and Husband is shot
Bezos: Steps down as CEO of Amazon
Bill Gates: Gets divorce as a result of Epstein Island.

There's more, keep your eyes open... These people are sick, and their lies are becoming unraveled in an epic fashion along with the election audits. #ManThesePeopleAreSick #EnjoyTheShow

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