Brian Deese, The Communist in Control of U.S. Economic Policies | Walk In Verse

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Use of the Anti-Parasitic Drug Ivermectin to Treat Breast Cancer

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DJT, Trojan Horse or the Real Deal. You Decide.

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I want to first thank everyone who follows and also signed up as Walk In Verse members. Without your support, Walk In Verse would not exist.

With that said, it has been a while since the last newsletter. Recently, I've moved across the country to escape the Communist state of WA. Montana is my new home. The final stand takes place here, as we will fight tyranny and expose the evil surrounding us.

Once settled, expect more consistent updates and new podcasts. The new report focuses on Fauci and his corruption. As a sample of what I found, I wanted to share the following with you. An event that occurred in the United States in 1972 echos what Fauci funds today. Keep an eye out for the next report. It might be a little as I never know where the research will take me.

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Murder of the Unborn

The slaughter of babies came to light in Pittsburgh during a hearing in front of the senate in 1972. A young medical worker by the name of Mrs. Wilhamine Dick came forward and exposed the barbaric acts committed against America’s future.

It was repulsive to watch live fetuses being packed in ice while still moving and trying to breathe, then being rushed to some laboratory; and hear a medical student later discuss the experience of examining various organs of a once - live baby.

— Mrs. Wilhamine Dick, testimony before the Abortion Law Commission 1972

Then again, in 1972, another incident occurred at the University of Stanford, where a protest sparked against a medical doctor who experimented on live fetuses without consent.

Dr. Goodlin did as he saw fit as stated Mark Swendsen, the organizer:

While an artificial womb would be an unquestionable useful article, we object to the means Dr. Goodlin has taken to achieve his ends. His experiments have involved cruel acts, such as slicing open the rib cages of still living aborted fetuses in order to observe their hearts. We hold that the abortions which killed these children, as well as Dr. Goodlin’s experiments on them in their dying moments, constitute violations of human rights. No human being should be made into an involuntary guinea pig, no matter how much a doctor wants him as a subject. This is especially true when the child is as helpless as Dr. Goodlin’s victims, and then the experiment involves such cruelty. Mark Swendsen (United States 1974) page 81-82

Unless we stand as a people against evil that encompasses us, God will not hear our prayers. The blood spilled will lie upon our hands as we can no longer claim ignorance.

"When you spread out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you; even though you make many prayers, I will not listen; your hands are full of blood." Isa 1:15 (ESV)

United States. 1974. Fetal Research. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off. https://catalog.hathitrust...

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"It's all been a pack of lies" -Dr. Roger Hodkinson

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It just keeps getting better folks. They will not end this unless you stand. No more compliance.

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Apple Revokes Your Constitutional Rights

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please share this and boycott ace in all of eastern & western MT. Send a clear message to all ACE Hardware's across the state.

A July 9th letter from Montana Ace Hardware owner Stewart Weis excoriates employees for not being sufficiently vaccinated and stated "I have no choice but to completely eliminate Company Christmas parties" and employee meetings "until further notice."

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Wall Street & You: America’s New Slumlord (Walk In Verse Reports) Kindle Edition

As an independent journalist, each sale helps me to continue providing the information as I am 100% funded by you, the readers. Thank you.

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FDA, EUA, Informed Consent and You | PeakD

#covid #vaccines #informedconsent #factsmatter Ep. 2551b - EAS, Countermeasures In Place, A State Of Temporary Military Control Will Be Actioned The [DS], fake news, big tech are panicking, they are preparing to stop all information from being presented to the public. Mike Lindell has his 3rd day of the Cyber Symposium and we come to find out that ML was attacked and they found out that certain individuals are clowns.The EAS was just tested and big tech most likely tried to stop the testing and the patriots have prepared countermeasures. The military is the only way forward and a state of temporary military control will be actioned. #x22 #conspiracy #FactsMatter #

Men in Vietnam no Longer Tolerate Tyrants, America Welcomes It.

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Dr. Olszewski Speaks out Against CDC and Fauci and Sets the Record Straight

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In case you missed this. The Gov is tracking you and used the PCR test to do it.

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