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Those who can, you seriously NEED to GROW, STORE AND CAN your OWN #Organic #Food start NOW, do NOT wait until your bellies growl! #JoeBiden’s food shortages will only get worse!

On My Flagship Website, please scroll down to the section on Growing Your Own Food, it will take you to this --> many, many resources and #god willing more will be added! Time to get to work and feed your #families , #neighbors , #churches , etc.

#2Thessalonians 3:10
For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should HE eat.

Fires and Explosions: Destroy 20+ Food Processing Plants Moments After Biden Warns of Food Shortages

But here’s the thing: fires and explosions are rare at food companies.

It sure does happen occasionally – and that’s called an ’emergency’.

But how come those ’emergencies’ have not just doubled – but entered a dazzling increasing number of traced events, you could just suspect those are left to the odds of course of events.

They’re Not Predicting #foodshortages – They’re Planning Them: 20 Food Processing Plants Burned Down In Past 5 Months (Video) - #GodDamnAmerica - https://thewashingtonstand...

See the Video of Biden Confirming Engineered ‘Food Shortages’ as Globalist Depopulation Op Sweeps Through Humanity – NewsWars -

1. Gas prices today are for fuel that was refined a year or more ago. It's going to take a couple months before the $100/barrel of oil effect on gas prices, and it won't be good.

2. Import/Export container fees went from $1,500 as a low to sometimes as high as $30,000 per container, so prices will go much higher.

3. I'm not saying you need to run out and be a doomsday prepper, but I will suggest you get a good six month supply of necessities and emergency items.

4. IF Russia invades Ukraine it will cause supply issues with things like Amonia, Wheat, Coal, Petroleum. Food shortages are already happening in various places due to the supply chain. Furthermore, the invasion could embolden China to invade Taiwan, and that would place us in WWIII.

This isn't good. If they #ban a widely used #pesticide and farmers are unable to use it, it'll leave crops vulnerable... Which means food shortages. Not good at all.

Weather warfare...look up...chemtrails...drought in U.S.....force food shortages....

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