Don Gaines @captaingaines
21 July, 02:39
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
03 July, 11:42
Moxy Rebel @Moxy
07 February, 08:15
DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH A WALKING GMO VAXXIE-POO #covidvaccine #coronavirusvaccine #vaccinedeath #covid19vaccine #covid19
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
08 September, 01:51
Great Reset Mastermind Announces Plan For The Forced GMO Takeover Of Every Human Body -
Mr. Nobody @admin
07 August, 03:18
2008 - Chemtrails are real, & y`all laughed at me.
2021 - Chemtrails confirmed, & Bill Gates wants to block the sun.

2008 - Aspartame is very bad for you, & y`all laughed at me.
2020 - Aspartame confirmed bad with serious health risks.

2008 - Monsanto is evil and kills people, & y`all laughed at me.
2020 - Monsanto, Roundup, GMO killing thousands confirmed.

2008 - GMO is bad, & y`all laughed at me.
2020 - Everyone buying organic because GMO is bad.

2008 - Forced injections, depopulation, & y`all laughed at me.
2021 - It's happening right now, and people are willing!

2008 - They are spying on us everywhere, & y`all laughed at me.
2013 - Edward Snowden confirms NSA spying on everyone.
2015 - Huge NSA data spy centers discovered.
2020 - Social media listens to you talk and recommends ads.
2021 - Apple comes right out with neural link confirming spying.

2008 - Satanic, secret societies run the world, & y`all laughed at me.
2021 - Epstein, Hollywood, MeToo, Cosby, Maxwell, Hanks, Schumer, Weiner, Haiti, Child Sex Trafficking, Hunter & Joe Biden, and so many more.

Now I've obviously left out a LOT, but I am 100% telling you right now the following things ARE GOING TO HAPPEN!

Aug-Sep 2021 - Lockdown 2.0 will commence, but it won't be quite as restrictive IF you get the death shots.

Sep-Nov 2021 - More stimulus, unemployment BUT you will have to prove vaccinated status to receive it. A dozen Countries are already doing this.

Sept-Dec 2021 - All of the vaccines will get rushed full FDA approval, which is 2.5 years before the FDA trials studies are slated to complete, meaning YOU are the test and experiment(s). Every *booster* you get increases the mortality rate, but they will blame it on other variants. People will get auto-immune disorders, neurological disorders, severely immuno-compromised, and unable to fight off regular infections.

Aug 2022 - 5% reduction in global population
Aug 2023 - 15% reduction in global population
Aug 2024 - 50% reduction in global population

...or will y`all just laugh at me again (if you're still alive)???
Jezebelle Grace @JezebelleGrace
30 June, 05:34
Mr. Nobody @admin
28 June, 02:26
The depopulation agenda is in full-effect. It's absolutely happening NOW, not years from now, but NOW, TODAY, THIS VERY MOMENT.

Here's a short list of all the ways the world is going to be depopulated within the next 5 years:

--> Gender confusion (57 genders right)
--> Vaccines (especially the Covid Death Shots)
--> Gay, Lesbian, Transgender push to keep the nuclear family from reproducing
--> Race, political, religious division has never been more pronounced at this level
--> Big Pharma causing sterilization, low birth rates, auto-immune disorders
--> Abortions are through the roof; thousands per day, every day.
--> GMO, processed foods, additives, FAKE FOOD
--> Wars, droughts, famines, malaria, starvation, homlessness
--> Income gap has never been more pronounced; rich are richer, poor are poorer
--> Diseases and the fear mongering keep people apart
--> Travel restrictions keep people apart
--> Masks and the ostracizing of those who agree or disagree
--> Finally you have stress and anxiety which also greatly lowers reproduction

You can look at the birth rates in every Nation, and they are dropping substantially. I understand the population exploded from the Baby Boomers, but since then birth rates have dropped so much so that China has removed its restrictions on one child per household. Yeah... Their plan is in full effect, and fully affecting everyone, everywhere.
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Mr. Nobody @admin
07 June, 11:02
So now Hydroxychloroquine is okay. Also Regeneron, Ivermectin, Budesonide work with limited to no side-effects. People are also testing with antibodies over a year later after recovering from the Rona.

Remind me again why we need non-FDA approved, experimental vaccines again? You know, the ones that:

- Don't protect you from catching the virus.
- Don't protect you from giving it to other people.
- Don't offer you any liability if you die from them.
- Don't prevent you from dying from Covid.
- Don't have any long-term testing.

The TRUE mortality rate of Covid-19 is 2/100th of 1% across the global population, and a half of 1% chance of dying from it if you catch the Rona.

But wait, there's more!

Someone's gonna come along and say their loved one died, or someone they know, or multiple people they know. I'm sorry for your loss. I'm not even going to ask you if they had multiple other co-morbidity factors such as COPD, heart/lung disease, diabetes, cancer, morbidly obese. I'm sorry for your loss, but your loss does not eliminate my rights to freedom and liberty.

You got the shot = good for you.
I'm not going to = good for me.
You wear three masks = good for you.
I breathe freely = good for me.
You socially distance = good for you.
I move people out of my way = good for me.

--> They would ban all cigarettes.
--> They would give insulin away for free.
--> They would end fast food.
--> They would subsidize healthy food so it's affordable for all.
--> They would release the cancer cures, and yes they do exist.
--> They would end abortions (11 million per year!)
--> They would mandate all food be organic & natural.
--> They would eliminate all GMOs, Synthetic, Processed Foods.
--> They would increase social security to that of at least min wage.

How humans are so ignorant and cannot ask or answer these simple questions is beyond me.

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