Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
01 March, 02:09
This past Wednesday Ukraine was invaded from three directions by Russian forces in a combined attack that finally settled all of the arguments around the world about whether Russia would invade Ukraine proper or be satisfied with occupying the two separatist regions of Donbas–Donetsk and Luhansk, which they had already sent troops into earlier in the week. As I predicted, the attack came from troops north of Kiev in Belarus, and to the south in Crimea in a pincers attack, in addition to the main force from the East. It appears Putin’s intent is to completely destroy Ukraine’s military capacity so that he can control Ukraine as a vassal state without having to destroy cities or occupy the country directly. He will have to control Ukraine’s borders and airports so that the West cannot rearm Ukraine if Putin claims she is still a sovereign nation—which will be a sham. Putin went to great lengths to construct a rationale of “self-defense” for the invasion based upon a series of lies about how Ukraine was attacking Donbas and Luhansk, when in fact, it has always been Russia fomenting and instigating any unrest in these areas, and it was Russian artillery forces that recently fired upon the Ukrainian forces to start an artillery duel that Putin could use to justify the larger attack. That false (and thinly veiled) rationale is still being used to justify the destruction of Ukraine’s military so that “it can no longer threaten the two breakaway regions.” Although the media will not say it, Russia’s claimed support for separatist movements is highly hypocritical and does not extend to any group trying to flee his control, as proven by his sending troops into Kazakhstan to silence the independence movement there—billed as mere social unrest over fuel prices. To receive a one-time free copy of the brief, click on Request a Sample on the left. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
19 January, 01:35
America is Very Unstable – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
International award-winning journalist and former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) says data shows between CV19 policies and the policies surrounding Russia that “America is very unstable.” Let’s start with the NATO talks with Russia over Ukraine that broke down in a diplomatic disaster last week. There is the real possibility of nuclear war with Russia. Dr. PCR explains, “The West is continually antagonizing Russia (PCR is referring primarily to Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan). This will eventually lead to some kind of conflict. If it is a conventional war, the West does not have a chance—no chance whatsoever. So, what would Washington do when it’s faced with a massive defeat? It would save face by resorting to nukes. That’s the way Washington is. So, it’s very dangerous. It’s extremely dangerous to make the Russians feel threatened, and when they tell you (Washington D.C) that, you ignore it. You don’t hear, and you make them feel more threatened. . . . This is just madness, and it opens up the prospects of military confrontation. I guarantee you that the Russians are not going to allow NATO to take in Ukraine and Georgia. They simply will not, and it cannot be done. . . . We are not prepared for military confrontation with Russia and much less with Russia and China.” Last week, the Russian government publicly said it thought the Biden Administration was having a “nervous breakdown,” which was intended as a huge insult.

The other huge problem is the CV19 policies with shutdowns and coerced experimental injections. Dr. PCR says, “The whole Covid thing is a hoax. It’s all been for nothing, and it’s unnecessary, but they are sticking with it. They are sticking with it despite the fact that it is now conclusively proven that what the vaccine does is turn your own immune system into a weapon a
Zbiggy Lukovich @Zbiggy
07 January, 01:07
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
09 December, 08:29
In #Hawaii , teachers are members of the #HSTA and technically employees of the State of Hawaii. There's no questioning that. They're technically public servants. With that said, if they fuck up should their names be made public with their indiscretion on the clock?

Maybe, it depends on the fuck up. If it's a felony or teaching racism or un-American values, hell yes. I don't care what felony it is, it should be exposed, they should be fired, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
24 July, 08:12
Gee, what do you expect with HSTA running the joint with the Democrats?
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
17 July, 02:33
Perhaps most despicably, he has compared Democrats’ response to the Capitol insurrection with Hitler’s response to the 1933 Reichstag Fire, which the Führer used as an excuse to unleash his horrors on Germany:
“The difference was that for Hitler,” Horowitz wrote, “the phantom enemy that justified his depredations was the Jews, while for the fascist Democrats it is ‘white supremacists,’ whose actual numbers are fewer even than the Jews.”
But the only political tactic reminiscent of the rise of the Nazis is Horowitz’s (and Trump’s) big lie of a stolen election.
It’s the historical equivalent of the Nazi’s claim that the Weimar liberals “stabbed Germany in the back” and lost World War I.
Such rhetoric makes Horowitz an enemy of the open society and beyond the pale of rational political discourse.
Photo: Werner von Haeften (1908 – 1944) tried to assassinate Adolph Hitler. Werner von Haeften and I have the same forefather : Otto I de Cock van Haeften van Rhenoy , van Rhenoy 1421-1473 en Jutte Pieck, vrouwe van Gameren 1424-1509

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