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19 September, 11:10

There's something about fall that gets everyone thinking about a fresh start, myself included. Maybe it's the realization that the year is almost over or that those laid-back summer days are coming to a close that moves us to get things done.

Whatever the case, Perfect Keto is here to keep you FRESH for fall with their Build Your Own Bundle promo, happening now through the 23rd. Here’s how it works:

You pick 3 or more keto snacks and supplements that will help you make the most progress toward your goals.

👉 Discount automatically applied at checkout. Save 30% off everything! It’s that easy.

Fan-favorite products like Nola Bars, Keto Collagen, and Mac & Cheese are all eligible AS WELL AS your favorites from SuperFat and their newly added Keto Bars.

If weight loss is one of your goals, I would definitely recommend including Exogenous Ketone Base in your bundle. There are tons of delicious flavors available and adding a scoop in your coffee or almond milk can help transition your body into ketosis.

If supported immunity is a high priority for you, opt for their Daily Electrolytes. It includes 125% of your daily recommended vitamin D which is super helpful when your body is fighting off germy invaders.

You can’t go wrong (unless you miss the sale completely). So start building your own bundle and make the rest of 2022 incredible.

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12 September, 03:26
new study published in the #NewEnglandJournalofMedicine (#NEJM) #covid #vaccine Destroys Natural Immunity https://dailysceptic.org/2...
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03 September, 05:48
https://waterionizer.revie... Not just Alkaline Water but Ionized Hydrogen Rich Water! It is high in Anti-Aging Antioxidants, Electrolytes, Best Hydrating and Regenerating high pH Alkaline Water in the World! The best health and natural healing device you can have in your home or office! High pH Alkaline and H2 Hydrogen rich purified water is so powerful it can help you achieve better fitness, performance, and healing from chronic alkaline diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart disease and inflammatory conditions better than any medicine! It is proven to build healthier blood cells (no clumping) and boost your natural immunity. #ionizer #waterionizer #alkaline #cancer #water
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02 September, 04:22
https://herbalremedies.one... Your thyroid gland protects you from radiation uptake and sets your metabolism (how fast you burn fat or keep it on.) Naturally prevent thyroid cancer and naturally boost and balance Your Thyroid Gland for Natural Weight Loss, Metabolism, Radiation Protection, Immune System protection from viruses and bacteria infection, Improved Energy. #hypothyroidism #Thyroid #hashimotos #Immunity #health
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17 August, 03:30
https://zeolite.reviews/ze... Fear not, Prepare yes! Natural Zeolite-AV (Antiviral and Anti-Cancer) is a natural antiviral mineral that boost your immunity against virus infections like the flu or what is going around now. Masks don't help they actually keep toxins in your body and incubate them creating antibiotic resistant and antiviral resistant infections! Coronaviruses (flu viruses) are now engineered into Covid-19 variants that are made to attack your lungs and immune system so you have to go to a hospital and get lethal drugs like Remdesivir which usually leads to being on a respirator. That usually ends up as being fatal! It is critical that you protect your lungs and respiratory system. Don't fear it but do Protect yourself. Zeolite also gets rid of heavy metals and radiation safely (think vaccines and EMF's.) Bill Gates proof your life now! #antiviral #zeolite #virus #covid -19
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16 August, 03:06
https://herbalremedies.one... A natural answer to immunity boosting and cancer treatment. How powerful are medicinal mushrooms and organic mushroom extracts? Dr. Paul Stamets cured his wife of cancer using them. It is more powerful than any prescription antiviral medicine or chemotherapy against cancers. The best mushroom supplement is an organic mushroom blend that protects you from radiation, infection, detoxes your body from vaccine contaminants, boosts your immune system, and shrinks any tumors growing before the become cancerous.#mushrooms #Immunity #cancer #radiation #immune
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15 August, 12:07
https://herbalremedies.one... Your immune system not vaccines or chemicals keep you alive and healthy. Vax ingredients deplete your immune system and can lead to autoimmune issues. Natural immune boosting herbs keep your immune system in proper balance so it protects you from harmful infection symptoms from any planned or unplanned pathogen like covid-19, monkeypox or even the common flu or cold. Building natural immunity is far better than taking toxic vaccines or antibiotics. It can save you from antibiotic resistant bugs and keep you and your family healthy, no matter what epidemic or plandemic is going around! Be awake not woke! #Immunity #immunesystem #immune #MonkeyPox #covid -19
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
31 July, 05:16
Financial System – Lawless Criminal Control Syndicate – Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says we are at war with the Deep State globalists that want nothing short of total control over all of mankind. Central bankers want a financial system that is a lawless criminal control syndicate where it’s legal for them to do whatever they want. It is simply a choice between tyranny and sovereignty, freedom or slavery. We start with the foundational building block of tyranny, the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that global bankers want to install in the financial system. CAF says, “It’s not a currency. That’s what you need to understand. What we are talking about is a control system that is going to be implemented in a global coup d’état, and we are in the middle of a global coup d’état. That’s what is happing right now. Essentially, if you look at the central bankers, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and all the central bankers are trying to create a system where they are completely free of the laws of nation states and governments. In other words, they are inserting sovereign immunity from all laws and literally trying to create a civilization under the law where they are free to do whatever they want, including, as we know—genocide.”

CAF says to fight back against CBDC is to use cash. Fitts says, “If you go to Solari.com, you will see something that says, “Cash Every Day.” Click the big red cap that says, “Make Cash Great Again.” If you click on that, you will get three videos. There are two videos I really want your audience to watch. One is a 56 second video of the BIS general manger Augustin Carstens in October 2020 explaining with CBDC they will have central control and enforce them centrally. It’s the only time in my life that I saw a central banker be 100% honest. The second video says “Financial Rebellion,” click it and you’ll get three minutes of a presentation by Richard Werner. He is certainly the top scholar in the world on central banking. . . . Richard explains that one of the top central bankers in Europe told him they are planning on chipping all of us.”

CAF says central bankers will ignore the U.S. Constitution, steal all of our assets like cash and gold but especially the land. CAF contends they won’t be able to do this unless they take our guns and extinguish the Second Amendment. CAF also talks about what she thinks will happen after the first of this year when it comes to inflation or deflation.

CAF says, “We are at war and we need a war strategy. . . . The ‘Great Reset’ will turn into the ‘Great Resist.”

CAF contends the good news is people are waking up and this evil criminal system can be stopped. CAF says, “Saint Paul said in Timothy, ‘Just stand and watch the divine go to work.’ They can’t do this. Did you see what just happened in Ireland? They tried to go all digital, and they had so many people cancel their accounts, they had to walk it back. . . . One thing the Bible makes clear is it will at times look hopeless, but it won’t be. That’s why you have to stand.”
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20 July, 04:04
https://herbalremedies.one... Your thyroid gland protects you from radiation uptake and sets your metabolism (how fast you burn fat or keep it on.) Naturally prevent thyroid cancer and naturally boost and balance Your Thyroid Gland for Natural Weight Loss, Metabolism, Radiation Protection, Immune System protection from viruses and bacteria infection, Improved Energy. #hypothyroidism #Thyroid #hashimotos #Immunity #health
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 July, 05:55
#Fauci calls for #masks indoors and warns US faces ANOTHER #covid wave due to ‘waning immunity’ to #Omicron variant - #ArrestFauci - https://www.dailymail.co.u...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
29 June, 01:17
700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin

Dr. David Martin has a deep medical science and investment resume. Dr Martin also runs a company (M·CAM International) that finances cutting edge innovation worldwide. He is also one of the key people seeking justice in lawsuits suing medical companies and the federal government involved in delivering the so-called vaccines for CV19. In simple terms, according to Dr. Martin, the CV19 vaccines are “bioweapons.” Big Pharma and the government knew it and also knew it would cause massive deaths and permanent injuries. Dr. Martin says, “It’s going to get much worse. . . . It is not a Corona virus vaccine. It is a spike protein instruction to make the human body produce a toxin. . . . The fact of the matter is the injections are an act of bioweapons and bioterrorism. They are not a public health measure. The facts are very simple. This was premeditated. . . . This was a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon. That is their own words and not my interpretation.”

How many will die from the CV19 bioweapons? Dr. Martin says, “By their own estimate, they are looking for 700 million people globally, and that would put the U.S. participation in that of the injected population as 75 million to 100 million people. . . . There are a lot of reasons why they hope it will be between now and 2028 because there is this tiny little glitch of the illiquidity of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs. So, the fewer recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better. Not surprisingly, the recommendation was people over the age of 65 were the first ones to get injected.”

Dr. Martin thinks the catastrophic effects of the CV19 injections will hit the medical industry soon. Dr. Martin explains, “The dirty secret is . . . there are a lot of pilots having micro vascular and clotting problems, and that keeps them out of the cockpit, which is a good place to not have them if they are going to throw a clot for a stroke or a heart attack. The problem is we are going to see that exact same phenomenon in the healthcare industry and at a much larger scale. So, we now have, along with the actual problem . . . of people getting sick and people dying, we actually have that targeting the healthcare industry writ large. Which means we are going to have nurses and doctors who are going to be among the sick and dead. That also means the sick and the dying are also not going to get care.”

Dr. Martin and his group are suing everybody from President Biden along with the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and many others over the deaths and injuries from the CV19 bioweapons fraudulently passed off as “vaccines.” The next big court case is July 6, 2022, in federal court in Utah. Dr. Martin contends “this is far worse” than the Nuremberg trials of Nazis after WWII and adds, “This is organized crime. . . . They have hidden behind the immunity shield that absolves them of product liability by naming the delivery of a bioweapon–a vaccination program. . . . This is actually a criminal act. This is an act of domestic terror, and it is an anti-trust violation. This is racketeering. This is old school racketeering, and it is no different than the mob in the 1920’s. This is old school racketeering for personal gain and profit at the expense of human lives. You need to call it what it is, and it’s organized crime. I would say the Nazis were better than the people who are doing this. . . . The real question is why did American citizens develop a weapon to kill Americans and get paid to do it? That is a morally outrageous question, and, unfortunately, almost no one is asking it.”
Ragnar Snedeker @RagnarSnedeker
27 April, 01:38
https://www.lewrockwell.co... Natural immunity seems to be better than vaccine-induced immunity. Given the frequent shifting of the goalposts regarding the vaccines and boosters, I see no reason to take any future vaccines for any reason really.
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 April, 05:42
Video: "Deadly #Immunity : Investigation Into the #Government Cover-up of a #Mercury / #autism Link... https://www.brighteon.com/...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
22 April, 06:34
#Fauci Says There Is 'No Chance' We Will Eliminate #covid Virus https://www.newsweek.com/f...
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
04 April, 06:01
'Ban ghost guns,' the president said Sunday. 'Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Repeal gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability.', says the dolt #biden after a recent shooting in #Sacremento , #California .

Now, why are they pushing gun control again? So they can institute Socialism and the masses can't fight back. This is something that O'buttplugg failed to do.


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