Jeff Hertzog
10 months ago
Part 4 – Epilogue – I am planning to do a podcast show on my status, many of you know I was abused and almost killed at Valley Manor Nursing Home in 2018, no justice yet, my lower 5 disks were damaged there, now since Medicare and Medicaid do not cover non invasive treatments (I will disclose all this on the show), I need 6000.00 cash down before treatments start, so I will cover everything on that and even a partial win, all the troublemakers there are all gone, but the #Rothschild #Zionists who own the nursing home still own the hell hole and paid off their fellow Fake jews #MorganandMorgan and #JeffRosenbaum not to take the case (I already in 2019 showed that proof) Stay Tuned!

My #GodDamnAmerica Tour will continue!
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