Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
04 August, 06:32
this is 1 of many reasons I kept appealing for donations, to cover legal costs to keep Radio America USA going and especially those who abused & almost killed me @ Valley Manor #NursingHome in #Pennsylvania in 2018 even though all of them are no longer employed but the #Kharzarian Gangsters still own it, they all including #JoshShapiro who is Attorney General running for Pennsylvania #Governor who refused to prosecute them including his fake #Jew /Kharzarian buddies, the Big Bad Wolf & #FredFlintstone in Drag (Richard Levine) - they could try to follow like this Alex Jones stuff to silence me since they all know (even Donald Trumps HHS Secretary who did nothing) I now will not nor never will answer any cease & desist to stop talking about the crimes on me! IF Alex Jones loses this, I have to consider whether to stay on or not! Please think of this, Alex loses, like him or not, #FreeSpeech could be over!
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 May, 04:03
#Pennsylvania - Do NOT Vote for #JoshShapiro , Vote #libertarian #MattHackenberg ! Photo self explanatory! Shapiro would and did NOT prosecute those who abused me in 2018 at Valley Manor Nursing Home! You vote for Shapiro you vote for MURDER on all angles! https://www.matthackenburg...

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