This statement from the #Petito family attorney is very interesting. He hinted at a suspect in #Gabby 's case. There just may be justice coming for Gabby after all.
#JusticeForGabby #GABBYPETITO

I still think that authorities should charge #BrianLaundrie 's parents for accessory to murder after the fact in the #GABBYPETITO #homicide . Let a jury decide if they were covering up for their son. If there's enough circumstantial evidence for a grand jury, that is.

The parents lawyered up immediately, refusing to cooperate with authorities, sending them on a wild goose chase, costing taxpayers millions, they were seen camping during the hunt for their son, they didn't even seem concerned over his fiancée when she was missing. They look guilty as sin to the outsider, and should be tried as accessories to Gabby's homicide.
#TheDirtyLaundries #JusticeForGabby

Breaking: The FBI just announced that they have positively identified the remains that they found earlier as the remains of #BrianLaundrie . It remains to be seen if #FL or #WY authorities will prosecute the #DirtyLaundries for accessory to murder after the fact. The #FBI won't.
#GABBYPETITO #JusticeForGabby

Bullshit. The #DityLaundries knew all along what was going on... I honestly don't think that they knew that it was going to end up with Brian committing hara-kiri, but they helped him cover things up. They need to be prosecuted.

They even pointed them to the spot where they found the "human remains" and Brian's belongings. I don't think he's dead. I think it may be another red herring. Furthermore, I'll wait until it's confirmed. Once it is, prosecute the parents for accessories to murder 2 after the fact.

#JusticeForGabby #GABBYPETITO #TheHuntForBrianLaundrie

Breaking: The #DirtyLaudries were seen entering Florida’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park today, where #FoxNewsDigital saw an officer apparently tell parents that law enforcement "might have found something".

According to #TMZ , that something was articles of #BrianLaundrie 's belongings. Cadaver dogs were brought in, and they hit on human remains in the area. Police and FBI haven't said exactly what they've found, but this is a previously unsearched area, and we just may end up finding Brian, but this comes from a tip from Brian's parents according to TMZ. You have got to know if Brian was here, he may be long gone... Or, if cadaver dogs hit on the area...

The Feds closed off the reserve to the public for the indefinite future. Probably for the investigation.

Then at 1106 hrs, PT -- Law enforcement found what appears to be partial human remains in an area that was underwater, near where some belongings believed to belong to Brian were found, according to NBC.

Now, DNA testing could resolve who/what this is. But the Feds and the Cops are playing this close to the chest for some reason. This may be a red herring.
#JusticeForGabby #GABBYPETITO #TheHuntForBrianLaudrie
H/T: Fox News Digital For the Vid Clip

Breaking: #BrianLaundrie 's Sister comes forward to ABC News in an interview to say that she spoke with her parents and that she's told them to tell authorities if they've helped Brian.

She says she doesn't know if her parents have helped Brian or not, and that the last time that she's seen Brian was September 6 when he and their parents were on a camping trip.

She intoned that she was upset with her brother because he didn't say goodbye. Not that he had killed his fiancée. #Disgusting . The whole family is fucking disgusting. She also intoned that she cooperated with police since day one.

#TheHuntForBrianLaundrie #GABBYPETITO #JusticeForGabby

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