Don Gaines @captaingaines
06 August, 01:55
This was found on criagslist at this https://orlando.craigslist... but as we know it won't be there long. Cowards will flag it.

Since the government has FAILED America on EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL… The media is focusing on the “Capital Riot” on January 6, 2021 TO CONCEAL THEIR TREASON. Since the democrats still OWN the media… they will CONTROL its message… They, (the government) are calling it the Capital Riot Insurrection Hearings!!!! It’s covering the news! Interesting… during the BLM and Antifa Riots… BLM's 'Mostly Peaceful' Riots Cost 1000x More in Damage than Jan. 6 Capitol Unrest…

• Over 26 government buildings were completely destroyed throughout the democratic-controlled cities…
• Over 175 monuments were destroyed during the BLM riots.
• 275 businesses were set on fire and burned to the ground.
• Injures over 1,000 police officers…
• Injures over 5,000 citizens…
• BLM riots kill 36 people…
• BLM and Antifa cause over $8 billion in damages…
• Over $11 billion dollars have been taken from businesses from BLM looting…
• Over $29 million in vandalism damages.
• Over 16 million citizens were harassed by BLM rioters…


BLM’s riots devastated small businesses, victimized innocent bystanders and sparked an intense incline in violence against police. Though the Jan. 6 uprising is inexcusable, the left appears determined to emphasize the damage incurred at the Capitol while neglecting the violence that plagued American streets during these riots. The difference not only speaks volumes about our elected officials’ priorities, but also the priorities of the leftist media — which strives to play down BLM’s acts of violence.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
04 August, 11:54
Analysis: Deep-Rooted Marxism in American Education Corrupting Youth—With Sheri Few | China Insider
We explore the deep root of Marxism in American education. At the same time, is a deep transformation taking place in American education? Parents are fighting back against critical race theory (CRT) being taught in classrooms. But it’s worth exploring where this all started, of communism in education: where teachers are either tools of brainwashing or are seen as outcasts in a leftist academic environment; students will be shamed if they question the woke training in class; and parents have no say as to what is taught and learned in the classroom. This all has just one goal: to kill the fundamentals that made America, America. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov had this to say: “Even if you start right now, here this minute, you start educating [a] new generation of Americans, it will still take you 15 to 20 years to turn the tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy and patriotism.” I speak with Sheri Few about her organization’s lawsuit against Kershaw County School Board for hiding CRT in teachers’ training.
Analysis: Deep-Rooted Marxism in American Education Corrupting Youth—With Sheri Few | China Insider - YouTube

🔵 A Documentary by The Epoch Times, reveals the truth that has been hidden from the American people.👉👉🔵 Watch the Full Episode 👉ht...

Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
04 August, 04:52
What do you think!?

Has #AlexJones become controlled opposition? Or is he under threat of being destroyed by the #Globalists and the #Left ?
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
30 July, 05:58
Just ANOTHER reason we don't need Policy Enforcers. They don't deter crime. They are the crime. If you need a police report written up then call a cop because that is ALL they are good for. My daughter lives in Mayville MI and just because she is conservative with a different opinion the President of Mayville MI had the cops stalk her home daily for over a year then had the COPS (Policy Enforcers) go to her home and steal ALL 3 of their family cars and left them with NONE to get nowhere. Attorney told the family if taken to court the president would lose BUT wouldn't have to pay anything at all so don't bother she was told. I AM FED UP WITH CORRUPTION FROM GOVT RIGHT DOWN TO THE SO CALLED POLICE. They are NOT here for you and I [email protected] COPS & GOVT. https://www.thegatewaypund...
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
28 July, 07:23
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
28 July, 11:52
Conservative Politics,anti-NWO,anti-left/socialist -
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
20 July, 05:53
#Leftists Lash Out: 22-Year-Old Who Stopped Mall #MASSSHOOTING Was No #GoodSamaritan
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
18 July, 06:42
The More Unpopular He Gets, the More Radical #joebiden Becomes - #biden doesn’t work for the #voters , he works for the #Left . https://www.frontpagemag.c...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
15 July, 04:57
Sick #Leftists Suggest #donaldtrump Had His Ex-Wife Killed To Avoid Deposition
Trolls immediately suggest #trump had the mother of his kids "Epsteined"
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
15 July, 07:14
As the Middle of July and half of the year has passed us, please take the time today & this week to watch daily on my Internet Radio Station – Radio America USA #RadioAmericaUSA & Philly and Jersey Radio
http://www.radioamericausa... there the Robert Scott Bell Show is broadcasted LIVE 6 days a week plus 2 video sermons and 1 audio sermon. On the left side of Radio America USA if you like #Organic #Coffee – Click and Buy as well as other items!

Also my Flagship Website where you can go to other sites of mine, some currently being revised.
Don Gaines @captaingaines
05 July, 07:51
posted for info only

We are seeing the price of failing to support and fund our police nationwide as the 'Summer of Blood' Democrat Crime Wave of 2022 ravages our nation. Now, we learn that the China quislings in the Biden Harris administration are about to further decimate our air force and national guard. (View)

In an effort to knock Americans down where we can never get back up, the Biden Harris monstrosity is also planning to drop another 300,000 foreign workers on us (View), not authorized by Congress, and start allowing 'migrants' with ties to terrorist groups to enter the US! (View)

We need your help to organize with us to move swiftly building the national movement to stop the Biden and Harris administration by electing true conservatives who oppose Amnesty and illegal immigration as we do. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW MONTHS LEFT!

Please support our new funds drive and help us raise the 20k we need in record time because we are fighting for our national and personal survival.

PS: Remember that we can't fight back effectively without your support as donors and volunteers. If you want a proven national organization to hit hard in the 2022 elections on immigration security issues, then help us get this info to our candidates by helping us right away at...

Share & Comment at ALIPAC HERE
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 June, 01:34
as 1/2 of the year is about over, please take the time to visit my websites:
Flagship - there are the links to other sites and many other pages
Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA #RadioAmericaUSA - the Robert Scott Bell Show - where the power to heal if yours live 6 days a week and 2 video and 1 audio sermons!
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Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 June, 12:19
"My Body My Choice"? You Hypocrites! WHERE WERE YOU #Fascist #Communists when all the #draconian #unconstitutional #mask "Mandates" were there? Why no demonstrations? Hypocrites! You #Woke #Left could of demonstrated against #donaldtrump when this started! Who is bankrolling this? #CharlesKoch ? #GeorgeSoros ?

#Luke 12:2 #kjv For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.
#Job 8:13 So are the paths of all that forget #god ; and the #hypocrite 's hope shall perish:
#Matthew 24:51 And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
25 June, 01:24
Nhong Tran Nhu @TranNhuNhong
25 June, 03:27

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