Elon Musk lives off dividends. The only way for him to pay taxes is to sell stock. He's going to sell his stock, which will cause his stock prices to fall, hurt other stockholders of his stock, and with the "unrealized income tax" bill coming, that will ultimately hurt everyone with a 401K, he would've ended up selling his stock anyway.

He can afford to pay taxes, But liberals will always be stupid.

OK, A crowd surge kills 8? Where's my phone? I need to call #BullShit . I've been to concerts, I've seen surges, no one gets trampled, just pushed forward because people are so packed in. Even at half capacity, no one would get trampled, unless people are that careless and would just stand and stomp on people.

Well, they are #Liberals . 🤷‍♂️

What's with the knife crimes, #Liberals ? You gonna ban knives next? #Dumbwads . Attacking a 50-year-old man, no less.

According to the #Honolulu Police Department, a man was held up at knife point near the #Hawaii Convention Center at 0200 on 01-November-2021. The suspect remains at large.

If you have any information, please contact the #HPD on the non-emergency line at (808)529-3111 or anonymously at the Honolulu Crime Stoppers (808) 955-8300.

So people are on a Train in the #PA area, and they see a woman being attacked then raped. But they just stand there and do nothing. Sounds like something a #liberal would do, like them liberals in #NY who watch people get murdered and do nothing, not even call the cops. Pfft.

"If it comes to America, #fascism will come in the form of #Liberalism " President Ronald Reagan had said. He was right. Those calling themselves liberals aren't liberals. Many calling themselves conservative aren't conservative. Keep your eyes open, watch behaviors, they'll always give themselves away.

Indy artist Loza Alexander made a nice #LetsGoBrandon Theme Song. It was at #1 on the Apple Charts, but slipped to #2 . 🤣🤣 I think the liberals had something to do with it. I post for you here on Gab's servers the Official Music Video of the Let's Go Brandon Theme Song. I don't think he'll mind, that I borrowed it.

I think that YouTube will take it down once the Liberals figures out what Let's Go Brandon really means. 🤣🤣

These "Rage Rooms" are unhealthy and encourage violence. #Liberals wonder why their states are full of violence? It's because of their stupidity.

At the beginning I warned people on Twitter, not to give up our freedoms, I feared that this would happen. That the tyrants would refuse to give up their power. I was right. As I sit here writing this post, I am in a state where the dictators refuse to give up their powers.

Every #freedom and #liberty that you have is important. But it is also important to know that those liberties and freedoms have limitations. Or you are nothing but a psychopath and anti-social criminal that needs to be put into a psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Only #Liberals don't understand that limitation. That's why they're out there #Rioting and burning buildings down. Hence: #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

The great ambiguity since 2020 is not talked about much. I think most Americans feel HOMELESS.

-- A lot of Democrats don't identify with the extreme policies of the lunatic liberals in their party, but they don't want to switch parties, so they're stuck; sort of.

-- A lot of Republicans don't identify with the RINOs deafening silence and inaction from so-called Conservatives, but they go along with the red wave, so they're stuck; sort of.

-- Libertarians are basically aimless since Ron Paul.

-- Independents are just out there, indecisive and also aimless.

Poor Mr. #FakeEyebrows #Trudeau . He's being booed. Lately, he's being booed all over the place. Just like #Hillary #Clinton . Things aren't going too well for the #Liberals or the #LeftWing anywhere. Not in #america , #Canada , or #Europe . I hear some Lefties there are being booed there too. 😂😂

#Liberals DGAF when American kids (or Americans period for that matter) get killed. The only thing they care about is when it's something that they can take advantage of to further their narrative/cause.

Um... Now be them liberals acquitting a liberal. I think she was guilty as sin, but that's just me.

Now, there's no need to get violent. #Neanderthals . The Hostess was just doing their job. There's a time and place for everything. That wasn't the time or place for violence. No wonder, the perps are from #Houston . #Liberals .

Would someone like to tell me why on God's green Earth is this Student being stopped from taking ONLINE CLASSES because he's #unvaccinated for #SARSCOVID? 🤦‍‍♂️ 🤦‍‍♂️ This has got to be the most #STUPID thing that the #liberals have come up with yet!


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