Now if Kyle lied or if the interview that he had with Tucker was so bad would former President Trump meet with Kyle #Rittenhouse ? Probably not. Has President Trump even met with #LinWood ? No. Why? Probably because Lin Wood has ulterior motives. Kyle or his family has never said that they hired him to handle his defamation lawsuits (that I know of).

Now, why would #LinWood lie to the Daily Beast reporter about being hired to do anything for them when he set Kyle up in that Proud Boys pic? Interesting, isn't it?

Oh yeah #LinWood is such a stand-up kinda guy. He's fighting for the $2M of bond money that they raised for Kyle #Rittenhouse .

I have never supported #LinWood . This is why. That #democrat is crooked, and has always been crooked. Telling people not to vote in an election should've been the first red flag.

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