Video: #UK #UnitedKingdom #London #Doctor Speaks Out On Mandatory #covid Shots: It's Blackmail

A lady had an #accident in #London , #england while on… Holiday. When she got home, she got a bill in the mail for $551. Jeez. Thanks for using London's emergency services. 😒

The Brown Shirts Are Back - Nuremberg Code Abandoned - Godfrey Bloom
Godfrey Bloom is a libertarian author with six books published on both military history & Austrian School Economics. He worked in the City of London where he won an international prize for fund management. He represented Yorkshire & Lincolnshire in the European Parliament. During his term of office he attracted over sixty million views on his chamber speeches exposing State bank & tax malpractice on Facebook & You Tube. Thought to be an all time record. He brought experience if not influence to the mainly lay EU Parliamentary Monetary & Economic Affairs Committee, putting both members & European Central Bank President under unaccustomed pressure. Godfrey Bloom is holder of the Territorial Decoration & bar, Sovereign’s Medal, Armed Forces Parliamentary Medal & European Parliamentary silver medal. He is married to one of Europe’s leading equine physiotherapists.

The Brown Shirts Are Back - Nuremberg Code Abandoned - YouTube

Alt Channels: Books:Magic Of Banking:

(admin) It seems like they're protesting everywhere else except here on the west coast USA where the Loonies have accepted their fate and acting out the brainwashing with their Hero Virtual Joe Biden and his gang of criminals who stole his office.
#Live 20th November London Worldwide Freedom Rally
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#Live 20th November London Worldwide Freedom Rally - YouTube

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Any kind of weapons ban never works. It just makes people want those kinds of weapons more. Like what happens when #democrats when they try to ban #FireArms in #america . Sales in #FireArms goes up. Same principle.

It is human nature to want something forbidden or something that they cannot have.
https://www.theepochtimes.... Anna De Buisseret: All The Law Is On Our Side... There Will Be A Second Nuremburg Trial (full & uncensored)
Anna De Buisseret - a retired army officer and a senior lawyer - warns those in positions of responsibility that if they do not speak out, they will be held accountable in a second Nuremburg Trial. Anna speaks about the illegality of the experimental injection, the mask mandates and the medical passport, and assures people that "more lawyers than the public realise" are working behind the scenes on these cases; and stresses the importance of people knowing what their rights are in order than we should continue to uphold them. "No oppressive regime has ever lasted, because we the people stand up."

8th September 2021, London. Veterans' freedom rally.
London JAB Doctor FINALLY comes clean. Live from Trafalgar Square 24/07/21*****Breaking News****
Dr. Vernon Coleman Live from Trafalgar Square London awakening the masses in his own way. Still, some way to go to be totally awake.
Still, some way to go to be totally awake.

Coronavirus Spreading Among the Vaccinated in Highly Vaccinated Countries
Infections in Vaccinated People in U.K. Are Outpacing Infections in the Unvaccinated

The Zoe COVID Study, led by epidemiologist Tim Spector, MD, of Kings College in London, estimated that there were 17,581 new daily symptomatic cases of COVID-19 in unvaccinated people, or 22 percent less than the previous week's total of 22,638 new cases.

According to a press release issued by the study's authors, "With cases in the vaccinated group continuing to rise, the number of new cases in the vaccinated population is set to overtake the unvaccinated in the coming days."3,4

Teddy Daniels Is Fighting For The Future Of America

Christian Woman ATTACKED In London, BBC Cover-Up? Hatun Tash

Gender Ideology Run Amok
https://imprimis.hillsdale... #hillsdale #imprimis via hcimprimis

Christian Woman Preacher in Charlie Hebdo Shirt Attacked Stabbed By Muslim Mob at London’s Speakers’ Corner

Live from London: Boris Johnson Admits to Using 'Mind Control' to Establish Medical Dictatorship -


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