My fellow Americans, My #Medicare /#Medicaid Insurance UPMC did it again! Screwed Up Royally & I could tell more, but this is a family show! THIS TIME, UPMC Medicare Transport after giving them 4 days notice I needed a Saturday Morning Ride to and from getting my Blood & Urine work (For Diabetes & my Disability issues), well, Friday 3PM, they "could not secure a ride" & my case manager, who works til 5pm, was not available! I'll give more details later, but I have a long morning ahead taking my disabled body via bus and walk to get this done! Anyone wishing to call and tell them what kind of brain dead fools they are - use my name, please 1-844-220-4785 tell them yours truly Jeff Hertzog from #RadioAmericaUSA sent ya! Stephanie B my case worker will really appreciate it! (Hope she blows a gasket!) - I will try to get back and continue my work here!

The #biden Administration was trying to force the vaccine via the Medicare and Medicaid systems as well (which is dangerous for patients as well, this could've led to forced vaccinations of patients) to require healthcare worker #Vaccinations .

It's been blocked nationwide by the courts as Unconstitutional.

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