Kenosha police release bodycam footage of NBC producer caught following Rittenhouse jury — and it looks bad for the network

MSNBC Tries To Turn Thanksgiving Into A Racist Holiday

MSNBC Tries To Turn Thanksgiving Into A Racist Holiday - YouTube

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If anyone has seen this girl or knows of her whereabouts, please contact MT authorities ASAP.

Have you seen Robby Gallagher? He was last seen on the North Shore of Ohau, Hawaii at the Kahuku Medical Center. If you've seen him or know where he is, please call the Honolulu Police Department's non-emergency line or Crime Stoppers Honolulu.

There is a reason why all these people are #resigning their jobs. There will be more resignations from many more high-profile positions to come, keep your eyes open.

Video: #MSNBC Race Baiters Continue To Attack #Virginia’s First Black Lt. Gov As ‘White Supremacist’ (MsNBC = PMS-LSD)

#MSNBC’s Johnson: January 6 ‘#Terrorists’ Being Treated with Kid Gloves Because They Are ‘Non-Black’

Breaking: The #DirtyLaudries were seen entering Florida’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park today, where #FoxNewsDigital saw an officer apparently tell parents that law enforcement "might have found something".

According to #TMZ , that something was articles of #BrianLaundrie 's belongings. Cadaver dogs were brought in, and they hit on human remains in the area. Police and FBI haven't said exactly what they've found, but this is a previously unsearched area, and we just may end up finding Brian, but this comes from a tip from Brian's parents according to TMZ. You have got to know if Brian was here, he may be long gone... Or, if cadaver dogs hit on the area...

The Feds closed off the reserve to the public for the indefinite future. Probably for the investigation.

Then at 1106 hrs, PT -- Law enforcement found what appears to be partial human remains in an area that was underwater, near where some belongings believed to belong to Brian were found, according to NBC.

Now, DNA testing could resolve who/what this is. But the Feds and the Cops are playing this close to the chest for some reason. This may be a red herring.
#JusticeForGabby #GABBYPETITO #TheHuntForBrianLaudrie
H/T: Fox News Digital For the Vid Clip

Mainstream Filth: NBC contributor becomes spokesman for murky organization, attempts to ‘normalize’ pedophilic thoughts – -

MUST WATCH: NASCAR fans chant 'F*ck Joe Biden', NBC reporter pretends they're saying 'Let's go Brandon' | The Post Millennial - https://thepostmillennial....

Every #American on these Alternative Platforms MUST NOW grow a pair and take the fight to the #CIA Mockingbird "Mainstream Media" at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MeWe! ABC, CBS, NBC, Blaze, Fox News, CNN, etc. all part of the Government Media Complex and they are the arm of the Federal Government and making it clear, take the shot #vaccine , wear the diaper, give up your freedoms and guns or else! Nazi Fascist Communist thugs like F. Chuck Todd, David Muhr, Amy Roback, Dr. Jen Aston, Channel 69 News in Allentown, PA posing as Konservatives but pro Vax and Pro #globalists , etc. they have it ALL set, it is us or them, literally, they intend to partake in the population reduction! I am the very few can not do it alone!

YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE NOW, SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 - get off the sidelines and FIGHT, FIGHT TO THE FINISH or lose what little of our rights, freedoms & liberties you have left! There is no tomorrow & they made it clear, there will no fair 2022 or 2024 election!

They have every intention to shut down these alternative platforms!

Your Choice!

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