#Disgusting . You live in #NY , but afraid to go into the city? This is the #democrats #america . SMH

"If it comes to America, #fascism will come in the form of #Liberalism " President Ronald Reagan had said. He was right. Those calling themselves liberals aren't liberals. Many calling themselves conservative aren't conservative. Keep your eyes open, watch behaviors, they'll always give themselves away.

It wasn't poorly done. This information was leaked out. They weren't #protesting , they were #Rioting , there IS a difference. What #Wyden isn't telling everyone is that they more than likely got more information than they'd like to admit, and it leads back to the #Dems .

As many of you know I am on many platforms for Radio America USA my Internet Station, my Ministry and more, I am now on "America First Patriot" Please sign up and follow me there also!

The "university" (the CCP) wants the last monument to the Tiananmen Square massacre taken down that's on the university grounds. Probably because it makes the CCP look bad. Ship it to Florida, they'll display it with pride and protect it (just make sure it's not in a liberal area).

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
- George Santayana

The Word today for Kongress (#Congress) , the #SCOTUS & his puppets & the fraud that is in the White House #joebiden
Romans 13:4 #kjv
“For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

#Revelation 20:15 xref with #Revelation 21:8


Australian Sturgis
Australia as a whole was already well on its way to becoming Nazi-esque with their draconian COVID nonsense, treating the unvaccinated as the new "Juden," but new laws introduced in Western Australia complete the Nazi journey. Motorcycle guys will no longer be "allowed" to display their tattoos, gather together in public, wear their club insignia. No freedom of speech under Australia's Constitution?

One state official, Paul Papalia, Minister of Police, went so far as to say it's time to get out of the "gang" or get out of Western Australia, as if he has some ownership of the entire state, when in fact, he's just a lowly public servant.

Attorney General John Quigley stated quite casually, that if they have something like One Percent (1%) tattooed on their hand, they'll have to wear a glove to cover it, and if they have tats on their face, they must cover it with makeup foundation.

If that isn't Gestapo-enough for you, get this: Anti-Insignia laws will "also apply to social media pages."

The laws name 46 specific groups and have the ability to be implemented against other groups as well.

Wearing a patch in public will land a biker in jail for twelve months.

Gathering together in public can result in PRISON for one to five years.

The new laws could take effect as early as Christmas.

More below short news video:

If they can do this to the bikers, don't think they will not apply it to other groups.

The political leadership of Australia and now, of many of its states, have become full blown tyrannical. If they want to act like Nazi's the Australian people should rise up and let them share the fate of Nazis.

Chinese Fly Hypersonic Drone Around the World

In Joe Biden's America, a U.S. Army Major General took to Twitter to complain about the Army's policy on French manicures. At the same time, reports surface the Chinese are busy launching a hypersonic weapon that flies around the world.

Major General Jo Clyborne's first-world problems are no place for Twitter as the U.S. continues to lose the hypersonic race against China.

The world learned on Saturday evening that China had made "astounding progress on hypersonic weapons and was far more advanced than U.S. officials realized," sources told F.T.

In August, the Chinese military launched a rocket that catapulted a hypersonic glide vehicle into low-Earth-orbit. It flew around the world before missing its target by only two dozen miles, three sources said.

The latest test raises an abundance of questions about China's rapid military modernization, which is beating the U.S. in the hypersonic weapons race.

"We have no idea how they did this," a fourth source said, referring to China's ability to fly a hypersonic glide vehicle across the world.

‘The Story of Ivermectin’ sheds light on the history & benefits of the drug Despite doctor testimonials, clinical trials and international studies showing the efficacy of Ivermectin, mainstream media continues to suppress information regarding the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.
One America News would like to shed light on the history and the benefits of Ivermectin by showing a video recently posted to Rumble by a user called ‘Temporarily Grounded.’

While we could not make contact with the user, we urge our viewers to email via our contact page at oann if you have any information on the video’s creator, including his name and direct contact information.


When you are called to serve on a jury, will you be prepared? Most people assume that they know the basics of jury duty and that once they arrive at the courthouse they will be fully and accurately instructed about the details of their responsibilities. Yet that is disturbingly far from the truth in many cases. Judges and prosecutors often purposely mislead well-meaning people into convicting someone they later regret having had a hand in punishing. Some jurors find out after a trial that information was withheld from them that would have changed their view of the case—but it is too late for them to take back their decision. Many are misled by the judge's instructions and other psychological tactics to mistakenly think that they have to convict or impose a sentence even though they think it would be unjust.

We have heard from many jurors over the years who now have to live with the knowledge and moral injury from having mistakenly convicted or punished someone unjustly. It weighs on them heavily. Many wish they had walked into the courthouse already well-versed in the information on this website.

If you received a jury summons in the mail today, how prepared are you? Test your knowledge with this short quiz!

The ‘Plandemic’ and the Great Awakening
Story at-a-glance
Mikki Willis’ documentary “Plandemic” was released May 4, 2020, and has since been viewed over 1 billion times, despite being universally censored. “Plandemic Part 2: Indoctornation” has also been viewed more than 200 million times
“Plandemic: Indoctornation” features David Martin, Ph.D., who has documented and tracked white collar crime for decades and invented technologies that help trace the flow of funding
Martin helped educate Sens. Ron Paul and Ron Johnson when they started to go after Dr. Anthony Fauci to finally hold him accountable for his decades of crimes
While many blame the encroaching tyranny on incompetence, the evidence suggests it’s not incompetence at all. It was planned this way
Ultimately, the plan is to create a state of dependency, through which the technocratic elite can then control the human population. “Plandemic Part 3” will delve into this plan to show the history behind it and how it has led us to where we are right now. It will also review how we can rebuild society after it falls apart


Learn the True History of Medical Tyranny in America - https://freeworldnews.tv/w...

"The Joe Biden vaccine #MANDATE , it's never actually been imposed. It's not written anywhere, it's just nothing more than a press release in a speech."

Detach religion from the society, make the society dependent on government, destroy and control the societies independent thoughts. Corruption and control at the highest level. Don't forget all conservative and moral values must be destroyed; especially the nuclear family between a man and a woman. Confuse genders, let adult males in women's bathrooms. Push the lgbtqia, communist, fascist agendas in the schools to our youth, and continue the indoctrination through post high school studies in colleges, trade schools, universities. Open the borders so anyone can enter, and turn patriots into domestic enemies, terrorists, racists. This is the precipice of the fall of every great civilization in history.

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