Instead of Going After Her Clients, #Court under trial judge Alison Nathan, an Openly #LGBTQP woman selected by #joebiden for promotion to the US #CourtofAppeals for the #SecondCircuit , appointed in 2011 to the District Court for Southern District of #NewYork by Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah; Quietly Reduces #GhislaineMaxwell’s Sentence https://thefreethoughtproj...

Looks like Elon #Musk is hitting too close to home for the #liberal #Left and the #democrats . #NewYork is pressing charges against Elon. Bullshit charges if you ask me. It won't go anywhere, he'll just hire high price attorneys, and he'll be off the hook.

#Harlem , #NewYork - The #NYPD is asking for the public's help in identifying the Unsub in the article's picture. He is wanted in connection with an assault on a toddler in a restaurant. If you have any information, please call the NYPD Crime Stoppers, you may remain anonymous.

#NewYork - Michelle Alyssa Go was waiting for a subway train southward bound when a homeless man allegedly pushed her onto the tracks just as the train came. The suspect was behind Michelle when he charged and pushed her, she didn't even see it coming. It was timed. This was timed and was a homicide.

When asked why he did it, the said that he was "God", and that she stole his jacket. This person was released on parole for robbery that just ended when he performed this...horrible crime.

#Hypocrisy . Here we have #AOC in #florida enjoying the freedom of a state that isn't locked down, while her constituents are locked down in #NewYork .

Son of a bitch. Some perp stabs two people and a judge lets him off on supervised release? If you live in #NewYork , wear a helmet and a very thick jacket. This asshole likes to stab people in the head or the back.

What most news outlets fail to report is that most perps of these crimes are black, not white. That, followed by Asians, the Jewish are the second most targeted minority for hate crimes in #NewYork .

If you really dig down, I'd bet anything that BLM and Antifa is behind many of these crimes in #NewYork .

It's bad when authors of op-eds call you "jackass" in the op-ed that they write. I can't blame this guy, I see what de Bullshit did to #NewYork . When I visited that state last, it was beautiful. Now it's probably a #Shithole thanks de Bullshit and Cuomo.

Oh, shit! 😂🤣 If my girl ever #stabbed my ass, I'd send her #CrazyAss to jail. IDGAF WTF we were arguing about. #ByeFelicia ! 😂🤣 Anyway, this happened in the #Bronx #NewYork and the female is in police custody, and the article didn't say if the victim pressed any charges, or if she was still in custody as of the article.

If not an 80's slasher axe murderer, its a shooting, y'all gotta chill out #NewYork

It looks like #CuomoResigned today and is quite possibly the worst Governor of #NewYork and in #Disgrace as well. He #resigns with an #Impeachment on his heels. Poor #Fredo

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