Holistic @Holistic
15 August, 12:07
https://herbalremedies.one... Your immune system not vaccines or chemicals keep you alive and healthy. Vax ingredients deplete your immune system and can lead to autoimmune issues. Natural immune boosting herbs keep your immune system in proper balance so it protects you from harmful infection symptoms from any planned or unplanned pathogen like covid-19, monkeypox or even the common flu or cold. Building natural immunity is far better than taking toxic vaccines or antibiotics. It can save you from antibiotic resistant bugs and keep you and your family healthy, no matter what epidemic or plandemic is going around! Be awake not woke! #Immunity #immunesystem #immune #MonkeyPox #covid -19
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
14 August, 02:59
It’s All Going According To Plan: #JoeBiden’s Handlers Released 324 Unvetted #Afghan Evacuees on #Terror Watchlist Into US https://www.frontpagemag.c...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 August, 05:52
Video: #Texans Chase Away #BETO O’Rourke From A Political Venue While #KidRock Plays In The Background – His #armed #security Pulls Him Out - #BetoORourke - https://defiantamerica.com...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 August, 10:50
Fire Erupts At #Pendleton , #Oregon #Flour Mill – The Latest In A Long Line Of #Foodrocessing Facilities #Fires - #Farmers , customers scramble to make new plans after flour mill fire https://www.capitalpress.c...
Don Gaines @captaingaines
12 August, 07:22
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
11 August, 04:27
#BillGates : #Social #Credit Scores Are An “Asset” (Video) https://www.shtfplan.com/h...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
11 August, 07:28
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2 LINKS FOR YOU FOLKS! - #wakeupamerica
1. ‘Bulls**t!’: #MegynKelly Goes Ballistic Over #FBI’s Raid Against #donaldtrump , Says ‘It’s About Jan. 6’ https://www.infowars.com/p...

2. #usa #Senator Dr. #Rand Paul Suggests FBI May Have Planted Evidence at Mar-A-Lago https://www.newswars.com/r...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
09 August, 05:27
#LauraLoomer Calls for the People to Back #Independent #Media Before It’s Too Late!
'I'm glad people are finally waking up, but actions speak louder than words,' she says - NO ACTIONS TO HELP ME CAUSED ME TO CLOSE RADIO AMERICA USA, so #wakeupamerica now or you will be obeying #twitter #facebook & their thugs! It is UP TO YOU! https://theinfowar.tv/watc...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
08 August, 08:09
#Moscow has accused #Kiev of shelling #Europe’s largest #Nuclear #powerplant . #ukraine Risking Another #Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster – #Russia https://www.rt.com/russia/...
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
07 August, 12:52
CV19 Vax Nothing Short of Horrific Experiment – Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of Covid 19 and the so-called vaccines. Kinston has long said both covid and the vax were nothing more than bioweapons, and this past week in a first ever ‘Gain-of-Function’ Senate hearing, medical experts testifying agreed the CV19 virus was a bioweapon. Kingston explains, “Specifically, they said the work that is done in ‘Gain-of-Function’ (CV19 and other deadly viruses being weaponized now) in the laboratory is strictly for war and the development of bioweapons. These are military grade weapons. Dr. Kevin Esvelt said, ‘”The problem is that we are so used to thinking of pandemics as a health and safety issue that we have missed the national security implications of identifying viruses that could be deliberately unleashed to kill millions of people. . . .’”

Kingston says the so-called “vaccines” treating CV19 are also “bioweapons,” and Big Pharma has been given a free hand with zero liability to have human experiments. It’s all made possible by the “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) approved by Congress through the laws it passed. Kingston contends, “The Food and Drug Consumer Protection Act requires a 10-year timeline for most drugs and vaccines, and a 15-year timeline for viral gene-based therapies, which is what theses (CV19 vaccines) are. These were brought to market in 10 months, less than a year. So, this is nothing short of a horrific experiment on the American people. . . . These mRNA injections created new markets for Big Pharma. On top of that, this lipid nanoparticle technology is so dangerous, as is the mRNA, that it never would have gone through our consumer protection act laws, which are 10 to 15 years to bring the product to market. So, they need to declare an emergency just like 9/11 where they overrode our privacy laws. They needed to override our drug safety laws in order to bring these products forward. . . . They are a trillion dollar market every year. . . . In order for them to sustain this for mRNA and lipid nanoparticle technology and that is combined, well, that market can’t survive or thrive under the current FDA laws. They need everything constantly to be under ‘Emergency Use Authorization.’ . . . .They need to go straight to humans by simply saying this may work and it may be effective.”

Now, we know the CV19 injections are not effective with Dr. Fauci and President Biden getting a total of four so-called “vaccines” each, and both still recently getting Covid. Even Dr. Deborah Brix, who was one of the top Doctors on the Covid response team in the White House, now says, ‘I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines. . .’ After nearly 600 million doses of CV19 vax in America alone, Dr. Birx admits she never thought the Vax would work?? What gives? Kingston says, “There are some things called non-prosecution agreements and plea bargaining when you are going to be brought in as an expert witness. . . . This would appear to be a plea-bargaining agreement from a legal perspective, I would say. So, this is why she is coming forward, and likely she is having her sentence reduced for coming forward and telling the American public the truth about what happened.”

Kingston says the death totals and injury totals will be “significantly higher in the next five years,” because of the CV19 bioweapons being passed off as vaccines. Kingston would not give a hard number. Kingston also predicted, “I think the infertility number is going to be jaw-dropping because these injections were design
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
06 August, 04:40
#france Warns Of #naturalgas Shortages Coming This #Winter https://www.shtfplan.com/h...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
06 August, 04:09
Photo – Up On My Now Closed Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA – Announcement After August 15, 2022 - #Swaggart #nancypelosi #JimmySwaggart #DonnieSwaggart #GabrielSwaggart #ginojennings #sonlife http://www.radioamericausa... – many chose to donate to all the Preacher Shysters instead of donating to me and all the alternate platforms.
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
06 August, 02:48
Alex Jones must pay $49.3m for Sandy Hook hoax claim
(admin) Using Lawfare... IS this a reactionary start of the war on Conspiracy Theory and those who are presenting Information about their ideas. The propagandist BBC is applauding.

Don Gaines @captaingaines
06 August, 01:55
This was found on criagslist at this https://orlando.craigslist... but as we know it won't be there long. Cowards will flag it.

Since the government has FAILED America on EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL… The media is focusing on the “Capital Riot” on January 6, 2021 TO CONCEAL THEIR TREASON. Since the democrats still OWN the media… they will CONTROL its message… They, (the government) are calling it the Capital Riot Insurrection Hearings!!!! It’s covering the news! Interesting… during the BLM and Antifa Riots… BLM's 'Mostly Peaceful' Riots Cost 1000x More in Damage than Jan. 6 Capitol Unrest…

• Over 26 government buildings were completely destroyed throughout the democratic-controlled cities…
• Over 175 monuments were destroyed during the BLM riots.
• 275 businesses were set on fire and burned to the ground.
• Injures over 1,000 police officers…
• Injures over 5,000 citizens…
• BLM riots kill 36 people…
• BLM and Antifa cause over $8 billion in damages…
• Over $11 billion dollars have been taken from businesses from BLM looting…
• Over $29 million in vandalism damages.
• Over 16 million citizens were harassed by BLM rioters…


BLM’s riots devastated small businesses, victimized innocent bystanders and sparked an intense incline in violence against police. Though the Jan. 6 uprising is inexcusable, the left appears determined to emphasize the damage incurred at the Capitol while neglecting the violence that plagued American streets during these riots. The difference not only speaks volumes about our elected officials’ priorities, but also the priorities of the leftist media — which strives to play down BLM’s acts of violence.

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