Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
30 November, 06:41
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
29 November, 07:16
Video: #Chinese Medical Police Torture Woman in Public to Force Anal Swab
Keep in mind, #WEF founder #KlausSchwab calls #China "a role model for many countries"
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
24 November, 10:36
#RCMP #Canada - Canadian #Police Are Working #With ATF To Surveil Americans At Gun Shows (Video) https://thewashingtonstand...
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
05 November, 10:27
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
04 November, 06:33
Clashes with #Police erupt near #Iran 's capital as protests continue – #Tehran
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
14 October, 04:39
#facebook ‘Whistleblower’ #FrancesHaugen Teams Up With Ex-Feds, Left-Wing #Fascist #Communist #Billionaire To Police #socialmedia
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
10 October, 06:00
Why the there a #Chinese #Police Station in # NEWYORK? https://www.theorganicprep...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
30 September, 04:49
#RedChina Opens 110 Overseas #Police Stations, Including #usa & #Canada https://thewashingtonstand...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
25 September, 01:32
Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense: Sixth Grader Reported to #Police for Flashing Toy #GUN as Part of Zoom Class #HALLOWEEN Game
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
09 September, 06:27
Here is a Video that please tell me what you think, it is been brought to my attention that the #SanDiego #Police killed a mentally ill person, I am just putting the video out there, what do you think? Please let's have a civil discussion!
SDPD Mid-City Officer Involved Shooting (Critical Incident) - YouTube

On August 23 just after 8:00 a.m., San Diego Police Officers responded to a home in the 1500 block of Bridgeview Drive in Fairmount Park in the City of San D...

Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
06 September, 05:44
#Canada - One of two suspects in #Canadian stabbing attacks found dead
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
05 September, 06:14
‘He Needs A Whooping’: #Cops Cuff & Abuse 5-Year-Old Boy For Misbehaving In #school#TaxPayers Held Liable (Video) - #Police - (why has not that officer been prosecuted? fired? you men in blue, etc. need to lawfully crucify this bad apple!) https://thefreethoughtproj...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
02 September, 06:07
#AmericaInApostasy - Over 50% of #america cowardly won't do anything about #Police abuse of power, Had enough yet America!?
Innocent Man Awarded Record-Setting $100 Million After He Was Paralyzed by a #Cop for No Reason (Video PROVES IT!) #DemandCapitalPunishment #restoreTheMilitia - https://thefreethoughtproj...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
31 August, 10:31
Must See Video: #tranny caught trying to meet a 9 yr, 6yr & 1 yr old little girls for sex - #Police Let Her Go - #DemandCapitalPunishment – Had enough of this evil yet #Parents , #america !? -
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
27 August, 01:20
The FBI’s Gestapo Tactics: Hallmarks of an Authoritarian Regime

With every passing day, the United States government borrows yet another leaf from Nazi Germany’s playbook: Secret police. Secret courts. Secret government agencies. Surveillance. Censorship. Intimidation. Harassment. Torture. Brutality. Widespread corruption. Entrapment. Indoctrination. Indefinite detention.

These are not tactics used by constitutional republics, where the rule of law and the rights of the citizenry reign supreme. Rather, they are the hallmarks of authoritarian regimes, where secret police control the populace through intimidation, fear and official lawlessness on the part of government agents.

That authoritarian danger is now posed by the FBI, whose love affair with totalitarianism began long ago. Indeed, according to the New York Times, the U.S. government so admired the Nazi regime that following the second World War, it secretly and aggressively recruited at least a thousand Nazis, including some of Hitler’s highest henchmen as part of Operation Paperclip. American taxpayers have been paying to keep these ex-Nazis on the U.S. government’s payroll ever since.

If the government’s covert, taxpayer-funded employment of Nazis after World War II weren’t bad enough, U.S. government agencies—the FBI, CIA and the military—adopted many of the Third Reich’s well-honed policing tactics, and have used them against American citizens.

Indeed, the FBI’s laundry list of crimes against the American people includes surveillance, disinformation, blackmail, entrapment, intimidation tactics, harassment and indoctrination, governmental overreach, abuse, misconduct, trespassing, enabling criminal activity, and damaging private property, and that’s just based on what we know.

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