The Americans are between the results of the war and the economic crises
Americans are reeling from surging gas prices, food prices, and the price of rent – all of which have steadily risen since the start of the pandemic. US President Joe Biden has chosen to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for the situation,

#Ukraine’s spy chief claims a #coup to overthrow #Putin is underway (Ukraine’s head of #military #Intelligence claimed he believes that a coup to remove #Russia President #VladimirPutin was already underway in Russia)
1. Wishful thinking?
2. What will #China do if Putin is ousted?

#Putin Threatens All Out War if #NATO Continues to Back #ukraine - #Nuclear strike on the table if NATO continues to supply #Ukrainian military, says #Russian president.

On the Kremlin's website, Putin guarantees that anyone who surrenders peacefully will be allowed to live.

Russia-Ukraine: A War Between Villains? | Freedom Is The Cure
In this episode, renowned veteran investigative journalist William Jasper discusses the possibility that Ukrainian neo-Nazis massacred their own people. He also dispels any notion of Vladimir Putin being a force for good by laying out the history of treachery by the former KGB agent-turned-Russian leader. He talks about how U.S. sanctions on Russia have hurt the U.S. more than Russia, and he explains how media propaganda of the Ukraine-Russia war is intended to draw the world into a larger global conflict in which the only winners will be the globalists.

Retired #Swiss Military-Intelligence Officer: 'Is it Possible to Actually Know What Has Been And is Going on in #ukraine ?' - #Russia #Putin #Zelenskyy -

Americans blaming Putin for inflation? MSNBC poll has shocking result

#CIA Director William Burns decries #Russia 's "horrific" crimes in #ukraine , calls out #RedChina as "silent partner in #Putin 's aggression" (MORE of #China involvement is coming!)

😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡#Food #Inflation has now reached 12.6% PER MONTH, #corporatemedia blames #Putin (THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL!), not money printing (#JOEBIDEN is at fault with his #Bidenflation - #GodDamnAmerica for this evil! 😡

REPORT: Biden Admin Used Bogus Intel About Putin Using Chemical Weapons | The Daily Caller -

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