Don Gaines @captaingaines
11 June, 11:21
Pizza Hut Faces Backlash After Promoting Drag Queen Book for Kids

Restaurant chain Pizza Hut is facing criticism and boycott calls after recommending a book about a child drag queen in its reading program for children.

The recommendation was made as part of the company’s BOOK IT program that aims to encourage reading in schools nationwide. This year’s program began on June 1, and the company included a book called “Big Wig” in its recommendations, which is about a young boy protagonist who decides to dress in drag during a costume competition.

In an email sent as part of the program launch, the company said that the recommended books explore the “uniqueness” of every person, celebrating “individuality” and encouraging children to see what “makes us different, makes us special,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Big Wig, written by Minnesota author Jonathan Hillman, “celebrates drag kids,” individuality, and self-confidence from the “perspective of a fabulous wig,” said publisher Simon & Schuster on their website.

“When a child dresses in drag to compete in a neighborhood costume competition, he becomes B. B. Bedazzle!” the description of the book says. “A key part of B.B. Bedazzle’s ensemble is a wig called Wig. Together they are an unstoppable drag queen team!”

“But Wig feels inadequate compared to the other, bigger wigs. When Wig flies off B. B.’s head, she goes from kid to kid instilling confidence and inspiring dreams in those who wear her.”

After the popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok” brought attention to Pizza Hut’s “Big Wig” recommendation, the backlash began.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and chairman of ACT For America, a grassroots movement dedicated to preserving America’s culture, sovereignty, and security, called on making “full woke” Pizza Hut “full broke.”

Nick Adams, President of the Foundation for Liberty & American Greatness (FLAG), slammed Pizza Hut for having “betrayed” the American people in a June 4 tweet. He asked “every single American” to boycott “woke pizza.”

Joe Pags Pagliarulo, a syndicated talk show host, asked whether Pizza Hut is “looking to lose millions of customers” by promoting the queer book to children.

“Pizza Hut was started in Wichita and mostly funded by Kansans. These folks would be appalled that their amazing American success story is part of the effort to destroy America and her children. These companies need to realize we won’t use their products any longer,” Matt Schlapp, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the largest annual gathering of conservatives in the world, said in a June 3 tweet.

Pizza Hut did not respond to The Epoch Times’ request for comment by publication time.

In addition to the Pizza Hut book promotion, several incidents of pushing drag literature and entertainment on children have popped up of late.

The Ramstein U.S. Air Force Base in Germany canceled a June 2 event called “Drag Queen Story Time” aimed at children after Republican Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter asking for canceling of what he called “public-funded propaganda.”

Last month, insurance giant State Farm pulled off from a program that involved giving transgender books to schools after it faced backlash.
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07 June, 01:51
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15 May, 07:20
Cold Lake of Death
Prose by SnakefistPanda

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30 April, 11:01
Liberal minister reprimanded by Tory MP for spreading disinformation connecting Ottawa protests and arsonists
The incident happened on Feb. 6 in downtown Ottawa, several blocks away from where the Convoy was protesting.

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29 April, 11:20
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08 April, 11:36
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
30 March, 06:44
The Pandemic Treaty Is a Spreading Plague
Story at-a-glance
The globalist cabal wants to monopolize health systems worldwide, and a stealth attack is already underway in the form of an international pandemic treaty, proposed by the World Health Organization
The treaty is a direct threat to a nation’s sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens, and would erode democracy everywhere. Not only would the treaty empower the WHO to mandate COVID jabs and vaccine passports globally, it could potentially also expand the WHO’s power to dictate all health care policy worldwide
The treaty would also give the WHO the power to censor health information worldwide. This would be disastrous, as the WHO has a long history of corruption and health policy failures that are intrinsically linked to conflicts of interest
When people are harmed by the WHO’s health policies, there’s no accountability because the WHO has diplomatic immunity
Bill Gates, the second largest funder of the WHO, has also been funding pandemic exercises, including Event 201 and the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s exercise on international response to deliberate biological events. This scenario involved a deliberate release of a genetically engineered bioweapon — a pneumonic plague — for which there is no available treatment. Both exercises were held in 2019
Explained: The World Health Organization's Controversial 'Pandemic Treaty' - YouTube

We sit down with Shabnam Palesa Mohamed from the World Council For Health to discuss the WHO pandemic treaty and the concerning aspects showcased within the ...

John Burke @johnburke
06 March, 12:02
Biden's Surgeon General Launches Latest Crusade to Purge Dissent - Orders Big Tech to Provide Info to Federal Government on Those Spreading COVID "Misinformation" https://www.thegatewaypund...
Mr. Nobody @admin
08 February, 09:44
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
05 February, 11:47
FIRST READING: Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers | National Post -
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
21 January, 07:30
The #panic is spreading, the media now is starting to panic. It's apparent in this reprint of this #Reuters article in the #NYPost . When the entire left is panicking, there is a good reason why.
#EnjoyTheShow . Nothing can stop what's coming. Nothing.
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11 January, 06:37

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