Breaker O'Day @Breaker
02 February, 08:43
Seems that CNN's President Jeff Zucker resigns over a disagreement with a senior network exec. I doubt it was that. I think that he knew that his shit was catching up with him.

#NothingIsCoincidence #NCSWC #Resignations
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
10 November, 08:14
There is a reason why all these people are #resigning their jobs. There will be more resignations from many more high-profile positions to come, keep your eyes open.
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
09 September, 12:19
Under The Rule Of Our Managerial Elites, There Will Be No Resignations -
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
06 September, 09:32
Biden promised to 'follow the science,' but some experts feel the science must follow him | Fox News -

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