Binger suggests Kyle should have dropped his gun, allowing the violent rioting looting arson mob to pick it up.

Controversial #blm activist claims ‘riots are the voice of the #unheard’ before storming out of interview with #DanBongino who called him a coward for refusing to condemn violence and bloodshed

It wasn't poorly done. This information was leaked out. They weren't #protesting , they were #Rioting , there IS a difference. What #Wyden isn't telling everyone is that they more than likely got more information than they'd like to admit, and it leads back to the #Dems .

At the beginning I warned people on Twitter, not to give up our freedoms, I feared that this would happen. That the tyrants would refuse to give up their power. I was right. As I sit here writing this post, I am in a state where the dictators refuse to give up their powers.

Every #freedom and #liberty that you have is important. But it is also important to know that those liberties and freedoms have limitations. Or you are nothing but a psychopath and anti-social criminal that needs to be put into a psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Only #Liberals don't understand that limitation. That's why they're out there #Rioting and burning buildings down. Hence: #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Ep. 2582b - Hunters Become Prey, Timing Is Everything,Freedom Of Information [Truth] = END Scavino has been sending message after message, warning the people to buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride. The military is the only way forward, it is so corrupt that the [DS] players needed to be trapped. We are now entering a harvest moon and soon a hunters moon. The hunters have become prey, once the truth is exposed this will be the end. The [DS] is building the narrative against the AZ forensic audit, this will fail because it is pure propaganda and it is not based on truth and facts. Any rioting will be swiftly cleaned up, the patriots know the playbook and are in control.

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