MUST SEE VIDEO! #RobertFKennedyJr 's Bombshells Explode In Face Of #Fauci & #CIA - WITH PROOF OF CRIMES ON CHILDREN IN #NewYork HOSPITAL!

Please take the time and go to my personal website there I will until further keep the 2 Videos up on Saving America on a #LOCAL , #County level, #restorethemilitia ! BE ON THE LOOKOUT as I am trying to get a video to put on regarding #RobertFKennedyJr & his book on the REAL EVIL #Fauci !

Also PLEASE MAKE MY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY great by generously donating to my website, PayPal Button is there! THANK YOU FOR PAST SUPPORT! The fight has to go on!

Today, Tuesday November 30, 2021 - I will be having on my Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA/Philly & Jersey Radio - Robert Scott Bell has Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his guest on the 2nd hour talking about the real #Fauci & #Gates - show starts 3PM Eastern, 2PM Central 12 Noon Pacific you can watch! Please take the time to watch #rfkjr slam #Fauci & #Gates - #RadioAmericaUSA #RobertScottBell #RobertFKennedyJr

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