Is there something that those healthcare workers in #NY know that you don't? Is that why they're not getting the #SARSCOVID #vaccine ? I think so. Or is it just #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

It seems that countries in Europe are rolling back #SARSCOVID restrictions after seeing the spike in cases from the Omicron variant. I could've told them that by just looking at the fake ass data from #america .

Shortly after it was announced on the news that there was an FDA cleared #SARSCOVID vaccine, the sheep in Hawaii rushed to get it. Not me. Now there's an explosion of cases. A million out of the 1.5 million of the people on the people on the island are at least partially vaccinated.

Just what are in those vaccines?

Each Island is different, the Governor is leaving it to the Mayors. There are some islands are locked down more than others.

Interesting. 🤔 Lockdowns, masks, and the #SARSCOVID #vaccines helps who? My ass? 😂🤣
New York Drops Contact Tracing as Omicron Overwhelms |

I don't think people are dying from #SARSCOVID , but instead are dying from those comorbidities. When a group of people have something to hide, how far are they willing to go to cover up that lie?

The #pandemic , #MaskWearing , #SARSCOVID #vaccines , #socialism , #racism , etc (for the left). For the right, the belief that only #ConservativeNews sites are good, #Boycotts (lately), starting a new party (stupid). Mass Psychosis. Mostly started by and perpetrated by the media, ignorance, and fueled by fear, it's kept alive by pure stupidity and laziness and ideology.

I can understand the use of the vape pens, and the dancing in the isles. But the masks? Seriously? #SARSCOVID and the #pandemic the #DemocratVirus / #LiberalVirus is over. Geez. They made up the damned pandemic and funded gain of function.

#biden can kiss my ass. They're pushing for the mandate because they know when everyone realizes that the people getting sick are those vaxxed with the #SARSCOVID vaccine, they're gonna look really bad.

It's not the #China virus, it's the #democrat virus. #Fauchi the Democrat hack funded gain of function for #SARSCOVID .

So... You can use Viagra to cure #SARSCOVID ? Good deal. There are just SO MANY jokes to be had here. 🤣🤣

The #flurona . Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Israel has just gotten its first case of the flu and #SARSCOVID . I kept telling everyone that the Flu and the 'rona were two different things. 🤦‍‍♂️🤦‍‍♂️

There is a national narrative that is being pushed. It's not #SARSCOVID , #vaccines , nor is it #masks . It's total #Domination and #Control by the #Democratic Party. What do they want?

1. White Nationalism.
2. Nazi-like control of the people
3. Fascist control of the businesses (reason for the economic crash, easier to control a handful of businesses than lots of small ones)
4. They want guarantees that their power and control will continue down their family line.
5. They hate the constitution for the above reasons.

This is just the start.
If you Trace history, they've always been trying to carry out their plans, but the right and the older generations have always thwarted them in some way. It's your turn millennials, you cannot fail.

The Mayor of #Hawaii Island Mitch #Roth tests positive for #SARSCOVID . He's vaccinated, and wears a mask. But experiencing "mild symptoms". Why is this story coming out now?

I don't think that he's going to run for another term. I personally think that he's going to #resign .

Like the #ClimateHoax , the people with intelligence know that the COVID Pandemic is a hoax, and #SARSCOVID wasn't as deadly as "they" wanted it to be. But "they" keep pushing it. Ask yourself why? What do they have to gain/lose? What was all this bullshit all about? I know it's simple when you realize the one word answer. It might end up pissing you off, too.

This is the completed vaccine statistics from the #Hawaii Department of Health (DOH). 73% of the state has completed at least one full dose of the #SARSCOVID #vaccine . We should have herd immunity. The big question is why don't we?

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