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28 November, 11:17
https://healthyketodiet.sc... If you missed Perfect Keto’s big Black Friday sale … fear not, friend!

There’s still time to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale.

Today and tomorrow only, you can stock your pantry with keto snacks and supplements that support your 2023 health goals for a fraction of the cost:

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No need to wrangle any coupon codes. Just click the above sale link and enjoy big savings on quality keto products. #Keto #weightloss #fatloss #ketosis #cybermonday
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22 November, 07:44
https://healthyketodiet.sc... Have a Healthy, Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving with all the best treats you deserve. You don’t have to feel deprived. You just have to stock up on delicious, keto-compliant alternatives. These are my favorites:

🍪Keto Cookies - Soft, decadent, and perfectly sweet, these are everything cookies should be. Plus they have no added sugar and only 4g net carbs per package (2 cookies in each).

☕Keto Collagen - Collagen is critical to healthy hair, skin, and nails and Perfect Keto Collagen is the best on the market, hands down. I love using Salted Caramel in my morning coffee.

✨Keto Bars - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Keto Bars are my favorite! Grab these to satisfy your sweet tooth, maintain ketosis, and indulge in rich cookie dough mixed with decadent chocolate chips, guilt-free. These contain only 3g net carbs and the cleanest ingredients to match.

I can’t wait to stock up during Perfect Keto’s biggest sale of the year. #Keto #ketosis #Thanksgiving #blackfriday #treats
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12 November, 01:37
(admin) All victims were vaxxed
Dr. Scot Youngblood at San Diego City Council Meeting

San Diego City Council Meeting on 9 13 2022. Dr. Youngblood speaks about the science and lack of evidence to continue the San Diego City state of health emergency
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
12 November, 01:20
The Moms Were Right: The Science of #Acetaminophen Use During #pregnancy Says Its Use is Associated with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Including #adhd and #autism https://popularrationalism...
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28 October, 11:21
https://holisticpetcare.sc... Your pets need to detox from the poisons in vaccines the same way humans do. Dogs and Cats have sensitive brains and organs and vaccines cause them severe damage and they can't talk to ask you what are you allowing into my body? Holistic vaccine detox for dogs and cats help reverse the damage done. You can use natural holistic pet care remedies instead of toxic medicines and vaccines. #vaccines #dog #cats #pets #holistic
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26 October, 03:05
Test scores show historic #covid setbacks for kids across US https://apnews.com/article...
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24 October, 01:44
‘Speed of Science’ — A Scandal Beyond Your Wildest Nightmare

Story at-a-glance

The premise behind COVID shot mandates and vaccine passports was that by taking the shot, you would protect others, as it would prevent infection and spread of COVID-19
In early October 2022, during a COVID hearing in the European Parliament, Dutch member Rob Roos questioned Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, Janine Small, about whether Pfizer had in fact tested and confirmed that their mRNA jab would prevent transmission prior to its rollout
Small admitted that Pfizer never tested whether their jab would prevent transmission because they had to “move at the speed of science to understand what is happening in the market ... and we had to do everything at risk”
We’ve known for well over two years that the shots were never tested for transmission interruption. In October 2020, Peter Doshi, associate editor of The BMJ, highlighted that trials were not designed to reveal whether the vaccines would prevent transmission. Yet everyone in government and media insisted they would do just that
It was never about science or protecting others. It was always about following a predetermined narrative that sought to get experimental mRNA technology into as many people as possible
We Were Lied To About Vaccines ADMITS Pfizer!

Holistic @Holistic
17 October, 04:09
https://holisticpetcare.sc... Your pets need to detox from the poisons in vaccines the same way humans do. Dogs and Cats have sensitive brains and organs and vaccines cause them severe damage and they can't talk to ask you what are you allowing into my body? Holistic vaccine detox for dogs and cats help reverse the damage done. You can use natural holistic pet care remedies instead of toxic medicines and vaccines. #vaccines #dog #cats #pets #holistic
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
16 October, 04:25
"We Own The Science" - United Nations Partners With Google To Increase Censorship - https://thepulse.one/2022/...
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13 October, 04:43

If you haven’t tried them before, now’s a great chance to check out their Keto Cookies. These things are unreal. They taste like the real deal, plus they won’t spike your blood sugar or upset your tummy.

They have only 4g net carbs & 6g protein per serving and come in three amazing flavors:

Chocolate Chip 🍪
Peanut Butter ​​🥜
Snickerdoodle 🍫

Don’t “sleep” on their Beauty + Sleep Collagen, either. Whisk a scoop into a cup of warm milk to start preparing your body for rest. 💤

It’s packed with non-habit-forming ingredients like ashwagandha, magnesium, and L-Theanine to help combat the insomnia, stress, and anxiety that keep you from getting real rest.

If you’ve tried Perfect Keto before, you know the deal — they have insanely high standards when it comes to quality and taste.

Plus, they offer a 100% happiness guarantee. Don’t like what you bought for any reason? They’ll refund your order, no questions asked.

Use my above link or click on the Perfect Keto image and enter code FREEFORME at checkout to stock up and get your best deal on your best body.
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12 October, 06:27
Anthony Hilder @anthonyjhilder
08 October, 03:03
Why Doctors Are Lying to You

If the COVID shots are as bad as they appear, why isn't your doctor warning you about all their potential side effects, and instead, is encouraging you to get more shots?


Doctors are afraid to speak out about COVID treatment and the dangers of the COVID shots because they can lose their ability to practice medicine if they challenge the mainstream narrative

Remdesivir is the only “standard of care” drug approved for the treatment of COVID, even though it was found to be ineffective against the infection and had life-threatening side effects, including kidney failure and liver damage

Hospitals have an enormous financial incentive to use this toxic treatment, which frequently kills the patient, as the U.S. government pays a 20% upcharge on the entire hospital bill when remdesivir is used. Hospitals are also paid for the use of ventilation and for COVID deaths. Every COVID patient has what amounts to a $400,000 to $500,000 bounty on their head

The persecution doctors have suffered under COVID is now about to be cemented into law in California. California Assembly Bill 2098 designates “dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to ... COVID-19 as unprofessional conduct” warranting disciplinary action that could result in the loss of their medical license. The bill was approved by the California Legislature September 26, 2022, and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed it October 1, 2022

By preventing doctors from sharing information and knowledge as they see fit with their patients, California bureaucrats are not only violating the U.S. Constitution and destroying the medical profession as we know it, they’re also pushing medical science back into the Dark Ages, as science can only move forward when there’s free exchange of ideas
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03 October, 10:23
https://healthyketodiet.sc... For the next 48 hours, SuperFat Nut Butter Jars are Buy One, Get One FREE! Hurry and place your order now because as quickly as you can say “save me a scoop” this flash sale will be over.

Packed with MCTs, macadamias, almonds, and coconut, SuperFat Nut Butter boosts satiety and provides long-lasting energy. It’s got:

Only 2g net carbs per serving
22g plant-based, keto-friendly fats
NO added sugar or palm oils
Added MCTs to keep you fuller for longer

Spread onto Keto Bars, whip into a keto recipe, mix into your smoothies and yogurt, or spoon out that goodness straight from the jar. No judgement here. Available in 2 delicious flavors: Cacao Coconut and Macadamia Coconut. Use your freebie to try both flavors, or double down on your favorite! Use the above link below and enter code NUTTYBOGO at checkout to stock up.

Go nuts!
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03 October, 03:41
https://healthyketodiet.sc... You Don't want to have to visit a hospital with today's forced vaxxes! Unhealthy abdominal bodyweight and ratio are the leading cause of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, arthritis and inflammatory conditions. It is essential that you prevent or reverse metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus naturally. Eating keto foods will do that for you quickly I lost 80 pounds in 10 months and have kept it off using the healthy keto diet. All my bloodwork is now in a healthy range at 50-60 age range. #Keto #ketosis #ketodiet #weightloss #Diabetes
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19 September, 11:10

There's something about fall that gets everyone thinking about a fresh start, myself included. Maybe it's the realization that the year is almost over or that those laid-back summer days are coming to a close that moves us to get things done.

Whatever the case, Perfect Keto is here to keep you FRESH for fall with their Build Your Own Bundle promo, happening now through the 23rd. Here’s how it works:

You pick 3 or more keto snacks and supplements that will help you make the most progress toward your goals.

👉 Discount automatically applied at checkout. Save 30% off everything! It’s that easy.

Fan-favorite products like Nola Bars, Keto Collagen, and Mac & Cheese are all eligible AS WELL AS your favorites from SuperFat and their newly added Keto Bars.

If weight loss is one of your goals, I would definitely recommend including Exogenous Ketone Base in your bundle. There are tons of delicious flavors available and adding a scoop in your coffee or almond milk can help transition your body into ketosis.

If supported immunity is a high priority for you, opt for their Daily Electrolytes. It includes 125% of your daily recommended vitamin D which is super helpful when your body is fighting off germy invaders.

You can’t go wrong (unless you miss the sale completely). So start building your own bundle and make the rest of 2022 incredible.

#keto #weightloss #fatloss #ketosis #sale

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