These communists from NY, CA are coming to MT and other Mountain states such as ID, WY and they will bring their politics with them. Shows like Yellowstone show it. If they come and bring their politics, do not allow them in local politics. MT people stand up and get involved and take the sets the try.

Authorizes health commissioner to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization against COVID-19 for state aid to schools; requires immunization for attendance at school

2. BILL S6495 - REQUIRES "IMMUNIZATION" of certain post-secondary students for COVID-19

3. BILL A2240 - MANDATORY FLU VACCINE for persons attending daycare

4. BILL A08398 - Prohibits organizations from accepting any nonmedical exemptions to an immunization requirement; removes religious exemptions

5. BILL S3041 - Permits any child 14 years+ to have immunizations administered without parent knowledge or consent

6. BILL A822 - Treats minors for STDs without parent knowledge or consent

7. BILL A416 - Relates to the "removal" of anyone deemed "potentially" dangerous to public health. The governor may order the removal or detention of a person or group to be detained in an "appropriate" facility

Leftist writer calls for parenthood to be abolished to achieve equity, says your children should be given to 'homeless neighbors' or to the state

Residents in 28 Counties Across Two States Notified as Army Begins Training Against Domestic 'Freedom Fighters' via WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal...

(admin) Here they are in the belly of the beast. Come on people start taking back your state and city.
Seattle, WA March for Freedom Protest
Wake Up WA State joined Victoria with March for Freedom in Seattle January 8, 2022

Cotton Reveals His Entire Speech Against Ending Filibuster Was Word-for-Word from Schumer's Previous Statements via WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal...

Remember the #AnchorBaby #ISISBride looking to come back into #america ? Well, more of the story came out. It seems that she burned her #American Passport when she arrived at her destination (stupid), and the USSC (the United States Supreme Court), in DC, I presume, is refusing to hear her case. Good, she's a Terrorist, was never truly an #American , had dual citizenship (the UK doesn't want her either), and currently her whereabouts are unknown.

I bet anything ISIS is keeping her somewhere. She isn't homeless. They're keeping her somewhere to use as a pawn later.

ALSO, I am seeking hard ass #attorneys pro bono to represent me in my fight against the Feds/State/Medical Industrial Complex regarding the #covid evil and slam them on harassing disabled people as well as fighting LANTA (Mass Transit) - IF I CAN NOT GET THIS HELP SO I CAN WIN AND BE ABLE TO MOVE ON, I WILL HAVE TO SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN & PREPARE TO PASS AWAY! END OF STORY! I will broadcast future announcements - #america better start looking out after handicapped/disabled/elderly people because of the Satan's Agents of the State wins this one, you common people are next! Count on it, Remember Nazi Germany in the 1930's!

FINALLY: Here is when Trump's Social Media App Will Launch And Democrats Are Devastated! - Final Telegraph -

State-Sponsored Racism: FDA Guidelines Instruct Healthcare Providers to Prioritize Racial Minorities Over Whites For Access to Scarce Covid Treatments https://www.thegatewaypund...

President Trump Puts Joe Biden In A COMA After He Said THIS About January 6th, Liberals DEVASTATED On Life Support! - Final Telegraph -

The first amendment is the first amendment. If someone says something that hurts your feelings, nobody gives a flying rat's ass.

If someone threatens you with bodily harm in person or online; That is terroristic threatening, and illegal in all 50 states on the local and federal levels (how do you want to go to jail today?).

Be aware of the federal statutes and whom you are interacting with. You could be prosecuted for a hate crime just for insulting someone. Thank blm and antifa for assaulting all the Asians for this one.

Just because you are a minority it doesn't mean you can't be prosecuted for a hate crime, you can and will be. Remember that. Be respectful of everyone online and in person, and you should be fine. That's how everyone in Hawaii has had no problems with hundreds of ethnicities on one island in over a hundred years.

Public schools in the United States machine for brainwashing and gender reassignment of children – World-Signals News -

This is behind a paywall, but the headline says it all:
"If the next presidential election reveals the U.S. hurtling toward possible violence and autocracy, should Canada try to intervene?"
The Deep State is telling us what they're going to do, keep your eyes open.
#BePrepared #EnjoyTheShow

#america why have you NOT this past weekend DEMONSTATIONS at the Rose Parade, the Philadelphia Mummers Parade and other places demanding an end to the tyranny? The rest of the world is out there by the millions protesting and fighting the Tyranny and you America is worried who won the football game, if the Eagles got in the playoffs, Tom Brady's reaction to Antonio Brown's meltdown; REALLY!? Why have you not protested against the Agents of the State?

Right from #Bidens mouth, there is no #Federal answer, things have to be solved at the state level when it comes to COVID. He's now laying all the blame for everything at the Governor's feet. 🤣🤣

President Biden Joins the COVID-19 Response Team’s Call with the National Governors Association - YouTube

President Biden Joins the White House COVID-19 Response Team’s Regular Call with the National Governors Association to Discuss his Administration’s Response ...

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