Civil rights leader blasts Biden and Harris: 'Progressives have hijacked the rich legacy of the civil rights movement'

Glenn Youngkin goes scorched earth upon entering office: CRT banned, parents empowered, vaccine mandate gone

Leftist writer calls for parenthood to be abolished to achieve equity, says your children should be given to 'homeless neighbors' or to the state

New data reveal significant number of New York's COVID hospitalizations are people admitted 'for non-COVID-19 conditions'

DC radio station took $4.4 million from Chinese Communist Party to broadcast propaganda - TheBlaze -

Horowitz: The indefensible approval of Pfizer and Merck drugs compared to the snubbing of ivermectin

Law professor wants to edit Bill of Rights to enact restrictions on free speech, make Second Amendment about 'bodily autonomy'

Report: Arizona mom let her kids play at the park while she went grocery shopping. Now she’s on a child abuser list.

Meteorologist responds with data after Joe Biden seemingly blames climate change for deadly tornados

Antifa militants arrested, charged for physically attacking Trump supporters — and accused of organizing into groups to carry out crimes

Don Lemon under fire for allegedly tipping Jussie Smollett off and not mentioning it on air — and critics are drawing comparisons with Chris Cuomo

Republicans' 2017 tax cuts benefited middle-income and working-class Americans the most, the exact opposite of what Democrats claimed: Analysis

Biden economic slump continues with disappointing November jobs report

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