First I want to point out "1 million Canadians use WeChat". For those who don't know, WeChat is a Chinese (CCP) run Social Media platform that is comparable to Twitter, I'm told. Now, I have never used said platform, I refuse to even try anything remotely linked to the CCP (this is why I don't have a TikTok account).

Why would anyone use WeChat other than the Chinese? SMH personally, I wouldn't even trust the CCP even with my sewage.

Now, on to the rest of the article, the CCP influence. It's this CCP influence on WeChat and from other areas that they've infiltrated in Canada, that they're going to support far right-wing candidates and "CCP ideologies" they said. This is worrying because we share a border with Canada. We don't need any more of that crap here.

Damned, this woman is only 36, has 11 kids, and pregnant with her 12th. She's on welfare in #NY it figures. Now, while we pay to feed her family while she and the fathers (yes fathers) of her children don't work, I wonder if she's heard of something called birth control?

Since none of the American #Watchdog groups have taken on #TikTok 's abuse of user data yet, so one of Ireland's Watchdog groups have vowed to take up the cause. The question is will they REALLY?

Bannon Exposes Dem’s Bill Fraud - ‘They’ve Been Caught’
BREAKING: Fauci’s Wife Plays Critical Role In Deadly Research
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The ruling class is mocking us.
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The White House hired another influencer to promote vaccines

This is why it never pays to show off, ladies and gentlemen. The people spoken about in this article were showing their detriment. Their deaths were tragedies, but should be learned from.

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