My fellow Americans, My #Medicare /#Medicaid Insurance UPMC did it again! Screwed Up Royally & I could tell more, but this is a family show! THIS TIME, UPMC Medicare Transport after giving them 4 days notice I needed a Saturday Morning Ride to and from getting my Blood & Urine work (For Diabetes & my Disability issues), well, Friday 3PM, they "could not secure a ride" & my case manager, who works til 5pm, was not available! I'll give more details later, but I have a long morning ahead taking my disabled body via bus and walk to get this done! Anyone wishing to call and tell them what kind of brain dead fools they are - use my name, please 1-844-220-4785 tell them yours truly Jeff Hertzog from #RadioAmericaUSA sent ya! Stephanie B my case worker will really appreciate it! (Hope she blows a gasket!) - I will try to get back and continue my work here!

Woman Boiling Urine Blamed For Wildfire Media Claimed Was Due to “Climate Change” -

#gross . They've already tried #Urine . They wanted to try #Feces , but they said they couldn't because of health reasons. So #Blood was ok? They're all #BioHazards . 🤦‍‍♂️

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