Holistic @Holistic
05 August, 04:45
https://bestwaterfilter.re... !Alert! Waste water is now being used as drinking water in your tap! That includes flushed medicines, vaccine ingredients and virus shedding, as well as recycled urine and feces. Get the #1 Toxin (Virus, Pathogen, Parasite, Pesticide, Heavy Metal, Radiation, and Chemical removing water purifier for your home.) It Gets all the toxic waste water and chemical poisons Out of Your Family's Drinking Water! Pure Effect Water Filters are the #1 Filter for Removing Radiation, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Lead, Mercury, Flushed Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Viruses, and Microbes. Countertop, Under Sink, Shower, and Whole House Water Filters Produce Healthy Alkaline Water. #water #filter #purifier #Fluoride #radiation
Holistic @Holistic
28 July, 04:55
https://www.naturalnews.co... Los Angeles to recycle BIOSLUDGE into tap water; Angelenos will soon be drinking recycled diarrhea and urine from the tap #water #tapwater #diarrhea #Urine #waste
Holistic @Holistic
23 July, 01:20
https://holisticpetcare.sc... Stop your Cat or Dog from having peeing accidents on your carpet, floor or bed. Natural medicine for Urinary incontinence in dogs is the involuntary or accidental passing of urine. Dog incontinence is not rare but is a fairly common problem in dogs of all ages. Urinary incontinence in Cats is just as common. Although incontinence in dogs can happen to your “best friend” at any age, it is most common in middle- to senior-aged dogs. #pets #Dogs #cats #incontinence #peeing
Jess Sosnoski @Starblazer
02 October, 11:20
Woman Boiling Urine Blamed For Wildfire Media Claimed Was Due to “Climate Change” - https://www.infowars.com/p...
Breaker O'Day @Breaker
15 September, 06:55
#gross . They've already tried #Urine . They wanted to try #Feces , but they said they couldn't because of health reasons. So #Blood was ok? They're all #BioHazards . 🤦‍‍♂️

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